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Silver Sakaki
Son of Giovanni/Rocket Exec.
Age 18
Gender Male
Home Viridian City
Pokemon captured Pitchmon, Honchkrow, Gyarados (shiny), Kingdra, Rallygatr, Weavile, Bronzong-S, Marowak-S, Dragonite-S, Mr. Mime, Poochyena.


Rocket Executive

Silver finally made amends with his father and passed every test that Giovanni sent his way. He was promoted to Executive status directly after his promotion and was given Billy as a partner and Pokemon. He wears a snag machine on his right arm; he plans to put it to use sooner than later.

Pokemon Trainer

Though Silver is a Rocket Exec., he still trains and battles for pure sport with other trainers. He's also interested in taking the Pokemon League challenge one day, though he puts his Rocket duties before that in priority.

Character Information

Canon Info


Twitter Info

Silver can be quite cunning as he tricks most into believing that he is against the Rockets, but time and time again shows his softer side. This is mostly with is Pokemon like Billy and his father Giovanni. His tweets tend to have a sarcastic bite, but he enjoys talking with his Pokemon friends and has met several humans over all the areas of the Pokemon world who he talks to with Twitter.


Though Silver has always been the loner type, he's done a few things right and made some friends.

TinySneasel - Being his first Pokemon was a Sneasel, Silver has always loved this species of Pokemon. He took a rather large liking to this little guy he found on Twitter and they talk about rather random things.

RocketMafia - After hating his father for the longest time, Silver just stopped. Though Silver won't say it he cares deeply about his father and often worries for his health.

Current Events

In the great battle Silver broke his arm. Ree set it for him and now he's bedridden. It's unknown how long he'll have to keep his arm bound.


On Hand

  • WeavileSprite.png
    Weavile was Silver's first Pokemon and, though he wouldn't say it aloud, his most favorite. Normally he stays out of the Pokeball and has now, once again, started accompanying Silver on his adventures. Silver has recently started calling his Weavile Frisk.

  • HonchkrowSprite.png
    Honchkrow, since his evolution, is Silver's main means of flying at the moment. He's quite strong and likes to battle with a flourish. Silver thinks he would do well in contests but would never actually enter one to find out.

  • RedGyaradosSprite.png
    Silver caught Gyarados to stop a pack of the creatures from terrorizing innocents. It was forced to evolve by Team Rocket, resulting in it's color. Silver considers it ironic that the Pokemon is now truly in Team Rocket's hands.

  • FeraligatrSprite.png
    Young Silver stole a Totodile from Professor Elm's lab which evolved into this Feraligatr. He's rather fierce and covered in battle scars. See also Rallygatr.

  • KingdraSprite.png
    Originally one of Blue/Green's (girl) Pokemon, the two eventually traded and the Seadra evolved into a Kingdra in his care. She's one of his more serious Pokemon and the only female Pokemon on his team.

Snagged Pokemon

  • CuboneSprite.png
    As of now, Silver has only really snagged one Pokemon. Shane the Cubone. He follows him around and, as he's quite lazy, he doesn't really battle. Silver takes him around to keep him active.