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Species Prinplup
Age 2
Level 28
Types Water-type.png
Gender Male
Home Shamouti Island
Trainer Wild
Carrying Thunderstone
Nature Jolly

Blake is a Prinplup who lives primarily in Shamouti Island.


In the fall of 2013, as a Piplup, Blake met a Torchic named Torch in his home of Sandgem Town in Sinnoh. At the time, Torch was training to withstand cold temperatures with his mentor, Articuno. He became interested in Torch's adventurous nature, especially because he was less than one year old. As his first adventure, Blake took Torch to Mt. Coronet to look for an eviolite for Quentin, an Ivysaur, then-Bulbasaur. At the time, they thought it was an item that would help them evolve, but this was not the case.

On the adventure, Torch and Blake got separated. While Blake found a Thunderstone in a dead end, Torch found the actual eviolite. Torch became disheartened when Quentin rejected the eviolite, so decided to keep it from himself.

After Torch left to train north in Snowpoint, Blake chanced upon Dawson, a blind Samurott, and his girlfriend, a Sylveon named Anevia. Blake agreed to become a travel companion with the two for a while, and joined them to Forina, where Dawson helped train Blake towards evolution. Also brought up was the possibility of the couple adopting Blake, though little has come from this proposal.

After a few weeks, Blake decided that he wanted to see Torch again, so Dawson brought him to Shamouti Island. Blake has been more of a passive resident of the island ever since, and mostly spends his time with Torch. However, he's also met Pope-kémon_Slowking_XII, Nyx the Kadabra and Koza the Ditto during his stay. To make the most of his time there, Blake introduced Torch to a game called "Piplup Curling," while Torch showed Blake a game called "Tumblechick." He also introduced Blake to The Amazing Spinarakman, a TV show about a superhero with Spinarak-like powers. This has since become an obsession for Blake.

As the time passed, Torch and Blake became better and better friends, and decided to evolve battling each otheron Torch's birthday, January 16th. Despite a type advantage, Blake felt overwhelmed by Torch's fighting style, as he was significantly higher leveled. After the battle, the two started evolving, and Blake called for Torch to take his flipper so that they would evolve flipper-in-wing. After a successful evolution into Prinplup and Combusken respectively, the two celebrated with birthday cake courtesy of the Pope, and partied happily with Pope, Nyx, and Charizard.

The pair plan to go on a large adventure in the Kalos region soon with a Floette.


  • Blake was created on August 8th, 2013.
  • His handle "FlightlessPride" is two-fold. He is based off a penguin, which is a flightless bird. "Pride" comes from a great sense of pride that members of the Piplup family tend to exhibit.
  • The name "Blake" was chosen without any real significance.