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"Always in pursuit of bettering myself and learning!"
Species Fox Pokemon
Age 29
Level 59
Types Fire-type.png
Gender Female
Home Hoenn
Trainer n/a
Carrying None
Nature Brave

Blaise is a particularly well-learned and studious Pokemon, often buried in a book or a journal learning anything and everything she can about a location or living creature, unraveling all of its secrets either first or second-hand.


Blaise was born to a pair of Ninetales living in and atop the great Mount Pyre, amongst dozens of other families of the same species. Blaise was the third of four pups in the family, each born exactly two years apart from one another. See, Blaise’s father was and is to this day the de facto leader of the small colony, ruling with an extremely old fashioned and patriarchal sensibility. All male members of the colony, the few there were, were to take up to three mates as their right and duty, and produce a set number of offspring so as not to overpopulate the mountain. As such, Blaise took to her more rebellious mother from an extremely young age. Her mother always encouraged her to maintain a sense of independence, be studious, and work hard. This instilled in her a sense of self-confidence, one that evolved into a rebellious streak of her own over time, often denying and going against the wishes of her father. Refusing to be taken as a mate to any one of the males on the mountain, and going so far as to physically fight back for her own agency, at the age of twenty her father branded her an interim outcast, forbidding her from ever leaving the mountain lest she be punished, but just the same forbidding any member of the colony from talking to her. However, her own mother got around her mate’s wishes, the only one in contact with Blaise for the following seven years of her life, bringing her food, talking, teaching and learning with her. Until one day, her mother sent her on her way, convincing Blaise that her father would never allow her back into the colony, and instilling in her a persuasion that she would never want to go back anyway. So, she simply swam, making a direct course for the northern shore beyond Mount Pyre, and starting her own adventure from there.


Blaise, now that she has evolved into a Ninetales, stands at about the usual height for a female of her species, at three foot five to the top of her head. She often keeps a charm tucked behind her left ear, one found and made by her mother, a downward drawn ribbon with a victorian flower pinned at the top. She carries a faux-leather brown satchel around her neck, once attached to her hip, but now too small to sit anywhere nearby. Being a full-grown adult, she looks the part in every way, her features rather pronounced, prominent and well-developed. Her fur is always pristinely kempt, silky smooth and with a perfect sheen from head to tail to toe, with her nine tails always neatly aligned and held prim. In tandem with her somewhat haughty nature, her muzzle is always pointed and direct, held proud and high at all times.

Personality and Demeanor

Blaise is very sharp and to the point, rare to kid around in a situation, though not completely without a sense of humor, whenever she cares about something in particular she demands it be taken seriously. However underneath her very no-nonsense exterior is a bubbly, fun-loving sweetheart only kept down by her insatiable desire to prove her father wrong.



Iron Tail


Quick Attack




Battle Style

Blaise’s style is incredibly aggressive and quick, her strategy often opting to absolutely barrage her opponents with attacks until they are worn out, if not by pure force, but complete exhaustion, running until she too is ragged and rarely giving her opponent time to even think, let alone react. Her stance is always low and fierce, sure to let anyone know that might cross her she means nothing but business.