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Former HM Slave (Cut, Strength, Rock Smash, Waterfall). Ex-Team Plasma Member. Female (just look at my fucking mask). I don't know what I'm doing with my life.
Species Bibarel
Age Disgruntled Young Adult
Level 20
Types Normal-type.png Water-type.png
Gender Female
Home None (Currently in Unova)
Trainer None (Deceased; Former Team Plasma Member)
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified

Bibaslave is a Bibarel who escaped HM Slavery.


Bibarel (she hates the nickname "Bibaslave" and refuses to respond to it) is a foul-tempered, high-strung Pokémon. Having spent a good chunk of her life as an HM Slave, she's since developed an intense hatred of humans in general, which extends to most Pokémon who like their trainers. She's surprisingly vulgar for a Bibarel and rarely ever tweets without swearing. She's also extremely confrontational and quick to anger, to the point that the Pokémon she likes the most is Angryspearow, who shares her misanthropy and foul mouth.

After becoming a member of Team Plasma, Bibarel mellowed out to an extent. She's not as overly hostile towards humans (though she does still have a hatred of most trainers) and has actually made a few tweets that don't feature swearing! She also developed a fondness for N, because he's the first human to actually treat her with respect and kindness. Even after leaving Team Plasma, Bibarel retained this mellower disposition, though she is still very quick to anger.

Under Bibarel's aggressive and caustic shell is a very sorrowful individual, but she rarely lets anyone see this side of her. She's one of those types who, if caught crying, will make up excuses about having something in her eye and then call you an asshat. Basically, she's tsundere.


Bibarel-- then just a Bidoof-- once lived with many other Bidoof and Bibarel, and was fairly content and easy-going back then. She especially looked up to her older brother, a Bibarel nicknamed Biino, who had a very kind and caring trainer. One day, inspired by stories from her brother, she left home and was captured by a trainer who needed a Pokémon that he could dump several HMs on. She had no idea that this trainer wanted to use her as what was essentially a labor animal, and for quite some time deluded herself that eventually he would be kind to her, but the only "kind" thing he ever did was evolve her to a Bibarel (so he could, of course, teach her yet another HM move). Ever since then Bibarel's been smashing rocks, pushing boulders, chewing down trees, and swimming up waterfalls against her will.

One day her trainer went in to trade in his Pokétch for a newer model, but Bibarel managed to snag the old one and has since been using it to relay information about her situation onto Twitter, as well as try to find other Pokémon who might be sympathetic to her plight. As she's learned more about other Pokémon Trainers (namely, that they are not all as bad as her trainer) her frustration has only increased, and she longs to find a way to escape from her trainer.

Eventually, her trainer traveled to Kanto in order to start trying to gather Kanto Gym Badges, but Lt. Surge killed him when he failed to win the Thunder Badge. For the time being, Bibarel is a free Pokémon. Bibarel then traveled to Fiore with GOLEM and Skitty and was pleased to find that there are no Trainers there! Then she found out that Pokémon Rangers are sort of like trainers that capture Pokémon temporarily. For a while she put up with being used by Rangers to do menial tasks, but eventually she couldn't stand it any longer and boarded another boat that was headed for Hoenn.

Unfortunately, Bibarel wound up falling off of the boat and washed up in Orre, where she was discovered by a few members of Cipher. She was taken to a hidden research facility and used as (what else?) a slave, forced to do menial labor while the Cipher members conducted their experiments with Shadow Pokémon. At the same time Ludicolo was also captured, and eventually the two of them hatched a plan to escape the lab. The plan was a success, and the two wound up in Unova.

Bibarel in her Team Plasma outfit.‎

Once in Unova Bibarel learned about Team Plasma and wound up joining. She became very fond of N, and for the first time in the longest time was actually happy about her life. Her opinion on Trainers had changed quite a bit as well, to the point that she claimed to only hate those who are actively cruel to their Pokémon. However, this happiness was not to last for very long, and after experiencing doubts about Team Plasma Bibarel returned to Sinnoh in an attempt to visit her family.

The attempt went poorly, however; Bibarel's search for her family proved fruitless, and as far as she could tell they had moved away (or they were dead, who knows). After rooming with a Gardevoir for a few days, Bibarel returned to Unova after Ernest claimed to have found a note from her family. It turned out the note was just a Pokégear phone number, leaving Bibarel with no clues to her family's whereabouts. On top of that, she learned that Team Plasma had all but dissolved during her absence. Homeless again, Bibarel wandered Unova for several days before ultimately settling underneath Village Bridge, where other Bibarel can be found.

Some time later, Bibarel was shot twice in the tail by Plank. After his death, Bibarel actually said she was glad he was dead and was subsequently stabbed in the kidney by Stump. Thankfully, Ernest was able to get her proper medical care. She stayed with him until she recovered, while dropping the occasional hints that she may have some affection for the Slowpoke. After her recovery, and with plenty of prodding from Ernest, Bibaslave admitted her feelings for him.

Unfortunately, Ernest was not a very good boyfriend. In fact, he was downright abusive at times. Ultimately another accidental shooting resulted in their breakup, and since then their relationship has been very rocky. Around this time a certain Croconaw began to make romantic advances towards Bibarel, which she initially rejected in her typical callous manner. She gradually began to warm up to Croconaw, even humoring his frequent requests to make out. When Bibarel had nowhere to live anymore, Charizard and Croconaw offered to bring her with them to Blackthorn City in Johto. She agreed, and after some thought wound up dating Croconaw.

Also there's some stuff about her trying desperately to acquire medication for her many emotional and psychological problems, but she hasn't had any luck yet.


Absolutely NOT smashing rocks. Bibarel rarely has time for any real hobbies, unless taking out her frustration about her situation on various trainers on Twitter counts. Complaining is something of a hobby of her's as well, though she can't stand listening to other people or Pokémon whining.

After joining Team Plasma, Bibarel found that liberating Pokémon from their trainers is fun, but has since given up this hobby. After a day out with N, she learned that she really likes playing basketball, though she rarely gets the chance to enjoy it. She also enjoys watching movies or doing puzzles with Ernest until their messy breakup. She likes to practice her violin as well, even though it's difficult to play with three stubby fingers. She has to hold it like a cello.