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"Always a hard worker, and ya can count on me, darlin'~"
Species Rabbit Pokémon
Age 8
Level 78
Types Normal-type.png
Gender Female
Home Hearthome, Sinnoh
Trainer n/a
Carrying None
Nature Adamant

Belle is arrogant yet sweet, hardened yet sympathetic, powerful yet mushy, and more than anything, she isn't going to back down from a fight. Ever.


Belle was born a trainer’s pokemon via a private breeding program (her father was a Blaziken), and worked from an incredibly young age to be a fierce battler. Her trainer - named Charlie - was already well-versed and had battle pokemon for many decades, and through him, Belle competed on several different circuits, from small street fights all the way up to sponsored tournaments, she spent the first three years of her life competing and often winning, touring much of the world as a result. Though this wasn’t to last, as Charlie had a habit of training new Pokemon only temporarily, before he either sold them to breeders or possibly other aspiring trainers. He was a kind-hearted man, but his days of sentimentality were over, and as such Belle was offered a choice. She could live with a human family, continue her days of battling with another trainer, or be released and live as she pleased. She chose the latter of the three options, and took her fighting prowess to the streets of Sinnoh, entering small events on her own terms and pocketing the cash.

One of these fights took her to Hearthome, where she took on an especially tough Toxicroak, barely escaping the victor. This battle shook her from her reality, realizing that continuing to fight this way would likely end up in something going terribly wrong at some point, and that nobody would be there to help her should that ever happen. As such, she used the money she had earned to rent out a small apartment of her own on the outskirts of Hearthome, and applied for a few jobs in town, deciding now was a good time to settle down. The job she eventually found herself in was for a modeling and clothing agency based out of Hearthome itself, a corporation that was specifically marketed toward Pokemon and trainers. She was tasked to be a local spokes-pokemon, staging small campaigns around the city to raise awareness of the company’s products and latest releases. Though not typically her thing, she took to the industry pretty quickly, often putting up a front and gussying herself up to appeal to her customers and eventual fans. Even though she maintained a hardy interior, almost never able to shake the urge to fight again, she smiled through it all, and worked her way up to a more contemporary job within the offices itself. This entire endeavor lasted a little over a year. However, her company ran into some financial troubles during that very same year, and was met with widespread layoffs. With little to no laws protecting any employed Pokemon, she was one of the first to go, despite her success in her position.

Appearance and Personality

Belle is rather tall for a Lopunny, especially for a female, at a few inches over four feet. Looks can be deceiving, however, due to her to height the prominence of her build not so pronounced, she is quite muscular, with many years of intense training to thank for it. She has a habit of keeping any tufts of fur extra fluffed, whether it be the cuffs on her wrists, the ends of her ears, and even her tail, spending well over an hour every morning ensuring she always look the part and maintain consistency. Her accent is a thick drawl, though rich with color, tone and honey. She often speaks a manner that’s almost inherently untrustworthy, not afraid to make whoever she talks to second-guess her intentions. She's almost always very easy-going and pleasant to talk to, but give her so much as a hint you want to brawl, and she'll jump at that opportunity as fast as she can.


Fire Punch

High Jump Kick

Sky Uppercut





Dizzy Punch

Battle Style

Belle very much takes after traditional kickboxers with her stance, her fists up and protecting her face, while sure to keep herself open to a healthy use of both kicks and punches. However she takes fighting as an almost casual affair, whenever wearing down her opponent or simply distancing herself from them, she will often nonchalantly flirt with and prod at them, either egging them on or causing them to let their guard down. All of her moves outside of these select tactics are physical, and she uses her powerful legs to dance around her opponent in any and all close quarters situations, never letting them out of striking distance, unleashing her attacks in unpredictable patterns.