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Species banette
Age Who knows?
Level Who cares?
Types Ghost-type.png
Gender Male
Home Burnt Cave
Trainer Wild
Carrying Box of curse pins
Nature Unspecified

Rewrite in progress. Somehow I am hardly one genre; I'm a choice.


  • White
  • Zippers
  • Mumbles
  • Mumblekins
  • W H I T E


Ha ha ha.‎
  • Unique skills:
    • Being an absolute god damn ray of sunshine.
    • Making everyone feel better.
    • Making friends.
  • Moveset (used):
    • Curse.
    • Substitute.
    • Destiny Bond.
    • Shadow Ball.
  • Likes:
  • Dislikes:
    • Other people being happy.
    • Banette.
    • Ghosts
    • Other Pokémon.
    • Humans.
    • Living things.
    • Dead things.
    • Anything that didn't make it onto the list.


Originally a child's doll. He was discarded and eventually took on a life of his own thanks to the residual pain of betrayal. He spent the next several decades with a grudge to deal with.

Cursed energy

Imagine the perfect life being torn away from you. Being abandoned by the one person you cared about? How would you feel? I don't like to think of it as "revenge." It's more of a debt paid.


It would be foolish to just sit and plot for a few years. Really, you would be much better served finding something to occupy your time. That's what I did. So far, it's worked out rather well.

The Woman

The woman was nice. The other Pokémon were a bit boring, but every so often they would lighten up and participate in an activity or two. Ah, well. At least two of them are dead now anyway, so it hardly matters.

The Bastard

That chapter's long closed. I suggest we move on.


Linoone had some eggs and abandoned them. He found his children, but then he died. What a father. What an ABSOLUTE ROLE MODEL for the rest of us. If nothing else, Linoone made a wonderful punching bag. Nothing like a friend who will come right back after you insult him, or hit him in the face with a tree branch.


Banette has developed a number of productive, normal habits now — come on. Really. That is all the attention any of my finer works are getting? I am starting to doubt your ability to do my profile justice, darling mine. I even rewrote the last few sections for you, in my endlessly thoughtful way. Afraid I might have to handle this, eh?
I have acclimated well to modern society, and have developed a number of close, meaningful relationships. That said, I have a lovely little summer cottage far from the vast majority of active Pokémon and humans. It gives me an opportunity to focus on my work uninterrupted, should I feel the need to get away and have a little time to myself. For a time I made some lovely modern art sculptures using bodies and pelts I, ah. Came across. Which resulted in Linoone's children destroying his cave, those little darlings. I recall I may have promised revenge. Memory being what it is, I can hardly remember.
  • Hobbies:
    • Taxidermy.
    • Doll making.
    • Knitting.
    • Carving.
    • Hair Styling.
    • Putting on puppet shows with corpses for the neighborhood children.
    • Interior decorating. (See: Taxidermy)


So many new friends, so little time to play with them all. Banette spends most of his time menacing the other Pokémon or cackling like a little purple idiot. May (or may not) legitimately care about — how poorly this is going. "Little purpose idiot?" Really. Honestly. Here I thought I was going to get a fair profile piece, and instead I'm branded an idiot. The nerve. Ha ha ha.
I may or may not have killed a number of people/Pokémon, but I prefer to keep the number vague in the interest of it being rather funny (to me). Either way, it's still an insignificant amount, when you consider just how many deaths the wide world of meat eaters is responsible for. I have gotten rather good with my ghostly little arms, and can strip the meat away from bone and flesh with relative ease. I also really don't see what this has to do with Twitter in the slightest. I have, apparently, taken us careening severely off course. Now, try again. I relinquish the wheel for the moment.
Despite his sneering insistence otherwise, Banette has come to depend on Twitter for a source of entertainment, and would probably be particularly bored - if you could stick to facts, rather that idle speculation, hm?
He uses it as a primary means by which to communicate with people, as he doesn't exactly speak very often. There have been a number of events he has participated in. The negative ones have taken their toll on him and his psyche. He's developed a bit of a hair-trigger, as of late. Talking to him is a bit like spinning a wheel and throwing a dart to pick his mood.


Banette managed a fair bit of damage to Linoone over the years, including several incidents with trees. He delights in causing anything ranging from mild discomfort and uneasy feelings to terror and pain. So far he has stuck to mind games with the other Pokémon, with a few notable exceptions - which we won't get into, hm?
It is likely that at least the child who discarded Banette originally is dead, one way or another. The same is true of the Son who inherited him. He has implied he used shared childhood memories against both of them in their inevitable ends.
Oh no, we're not implying things. Ha ha ha. Those are just two absolutely delightful stories. I'll be getting to those below. I am not one to boast, he is AHEM. But those are points of personal pride. Heh.

Relationships with other Pokémon

Strained, at best. Banette takes a great deal of pleasure in causing everyone around him distress. He also seems to have serious issues with being left to his own devices.


Banette has an odd habit of nicknaming other Pokémon. Whether they are pet names or insults is up for debate.

Character Questions

What are your characters' middle names, if they have them?


Do your characters have any favourite books?

House of Leaves

If you could describe your character's current personality in three individual words what would they be?

Aggressive, sneaking, angry.

Does your character have any habits they like, yet others have been known to find annoying/frustrating?

Laughing. Basically everything he does.

How tall are your characters?

Varies based on doll used.

how many and what kind of devices do your characters use to post?

A series of different gears that he has stolen and re-purposed. Often leaves an alternate in dolls he jumps into frequently.

Are the favorites on your character's account IC or OOC?

In Character.

What would you say is your character's strongest quality? Both positive and negative.

Positive: Strong creative drive.
Negative: Insomnia.

If your character started a band, what would they call it?


What smells appeal to your characters?

Dirt. Fresh laundry, tea, blood, cloth.

Assume your character dances. Is there a particular style or form they enjoy over others?

Doesn't often dance. Slow, solo.

Now how did your characters rebel against their parents?

He's murdered all but one of his trainers.

Even if your character isn't an artist, is there any hobby they consider akin or close to art that they're proud of?

Doll making, taxidermy, sculpting, conversation.

Why does your character wear the clothes that they wear? Do they like it?

Depending on mood, he enjoys or loathes the dolls he wears.

Assume your character started hosting a show on network television. What would said show entail?

A sitcom sitting on top of something really awful and monstrous to be hinted at and finally revealed to drag the whole thing down into a horror show.

As an alternative, are there any shows your character would boycott/attempt to ruin with their presence?


What odd food combinations does your character enjoy eating?

Misery is odd enough alone.

How do you think your character(s) will die?

Slow fade into feral madness and eventual dissociation until he forgets to keep existing.

Suppose your character could cast magic for one day. How would they use/abuse their powers?

Depending on mood, a range from playing tricks on people to reorganizing the entire world into a place that better suits him.

What would your character's Patronus be?


If your characters drive, what is their driving like? If they don't but are of age, why don't they?

He's seen some video games in which people drove, once or twice.

What kind of drunk is your character?


Templar or Assassin?

Templar, but for all the wrong reasons.

What Archetypes apply to your character?


what house at Hogwarts would your character(s) be in?


How would your characters react to the death of one of their Pokemon? (After grieving, if they do.)

n/a. Again, depending on mood at the time. Generally thrown into a rage / depression spiral.

What are your characters' ethnicities? If they're of mixed heritage, what parts of their lineage come from which parent?


Why did your character choose their @ name? Have they had a different one in the past? Why did it change?

Because that's what he is.

What kind of swimsuits do your characters wear?

Doesn't care for getting wet.

What’s your characters dirty little secret? ;)

Too many to list. The most damning, possibly, is that he has been in the business of harvesting parts from the bodies of humans / Pokémon who died, and then using them in curses.

do your characters play any musical instruments?

Has a whistle stitched under his tongue to force air through.

what kind of car do they own? What kind of car do they want to own?


what kind of music do they listen to?

Ink Spots.

list some of the tropes that apply to your characters

Abusive parents; alas, poor villain; huge fan of: And then what?, Armor-piercing question, break them by talking, Hannibal lecture, figure it out yourself, cryptic conversation; nicknamer, spontaneous weapon creation; fridge horror; humanoid abomination; dangerously genre savvy; leaning on the fourth wall; berserk button; broken bird; tempting fate; I'll kill you; Ironic name; kick the dog; red eyes, take warning; glowing eye of doom; slasher smile; cruel mercy; deadpan snarker; SO friggen many.

If all instances of a single character were physically identical, what would set yours apart from the others?

His normal body is covered in stitches and has a cloud of banette around it any time he's in it.

based on your character's appearance first THEN their personality what type of gijinka would they be if they were?

An immensely scarred, well-dressed man with red eyes and a slasher grin.

What sort of imagery do you associate with your character?

Teeth, needles, dolls and caves.

How do your characters address people? Why? Does it vary in specific cases?

Has changed over time. Currently, by first name. Previously: Some form of dear or darling.

Are there any quotes or partial lyrics that you feel sum up your character's current position in life?

The Ink Spots - We Three
Do you turn from your work with a smile? / Do you feel that it's all worth the while?

How do your characters differ between public spaces and private spaces?

In private, he mutters to himself and practices his hobbies. He also tends to drop his haughty mannerisms. It's the best place to catch him dealing with the general angst he feels for the world.

If your character doesn't already have a voice, what voice do you hear them with?

If he talked? Breathless, incorrect pauses and run-ons. Monotone.

Your character is now a character in a cartoon where everyone is drawn as dogs/cats. What's their breed and coloring?

Plain black cat.

What does your soul smell like?


Distinguishing marks? Scars, birthmarks, etc?

Left eye, stitching.

W/is a childhood possession that your character still has, and if your character is a child, w/is it's prized possession?

A few gym badges and a number of pins made out of the bones of his favorite dead people.

Do any of your characters wear a specific perfume/cologne? If not, what do they usually smell like?

Acrid. Inhale any of him at great personal risk.

Are your characters superstitious? In what way?

No, but enjoys feigning them or exploiting them in others.

What would your character(s) write in their Valentines Day cards?

Prefers to visit in person for such occasions.

What or who does your character trust in the most?

Inherently distrustful.

If your character's mind was turned into a videogame, what would it look like and what genre would it be?

Literally just Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Is your character spiritual or religious? If so, how and why?

A pronounced disbelief in an actual God and previously mentioned tendency not to trust. He is, however, extremely frustrated with his station in life as he sees it. Because of this, the idea of things rising above their lot at birth causes him a great deal of frustration. Aspiring to BE a god, for example, is a good way to get on his nerves. At the same time, he puts no faith in the all-powerful or all-knowing, as they have done little to help him and may, if they exist at all, have damned him to exist as he is.

what would your character consider a "good death?"

He would rather like to stop existing, but the idea of not existing causes him is horrifying and inconceivable.

Every fanart of your character is now canon. How would they react to these pictures getting out in public?

Specifically of him? There's only a couple sketches, and he's not doing anything in any of them.

Boxers or briefs?


Is your character an avid reader? Do they have any odd habits when it comes to reading?

Avid may not be the right word, but he enjoys a good book. He floats in a fetal position while he reads.

How do your characters react to being uncomfortable?

Depending on his mind at the moment, extreme discomfort and outright rage to amused dismissal.

How are each of your characters reflected off your own personality and quirks?

Banette started off as a joke, but he evolved. He's clearly picked up on some of my insecurities about abilities (I am leery about whether or not I believe I can write a ghost, he isn't certain of his ghostly powers). His tendency to respond with something cutting, quick and dry came from me as well. His is just less tempered, filter taken off. It's also possible I've picked up a lot of habits from him, for better or worse. My general distrust of anyone offering me anything is certainly more pronounced after having to play that habit in him.

What are your characters' butts like?



What no.

When put in leadership positions, how do your characters react? Are they good leaders or bad? Why?

Oh good heavens. He's smart enough and perceptive enough to be a leader, but he's probably just going to get everyone killed. That's just a terrible idea.

Is there any part of your character(s) body that they are insecure about or embarrassed?

Being a ghost in general makes him uncomfortable. There are times when he cannot stand being in a doll, and regularly destroys them. There are times when he cannot stand being a ghost at all, and tries to destroy himself.

What are your characters' attitudes toward sex?

Disgusted by it.

What was your characters childhood like? How did it shape who they are?

Not a positive experience.