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My name's Backfire. I'm a four year old male Cyndaquil currently travelling with my trainer, Marcus (which is short for Marcellus). I usually tend to be a pretty nice guy. I usually don't get angry, but when I do, I go all out. I'm also rather emotional and I overreact a lot. I am currently in a relationship with the love of my life, Ralts.


I began life as an egg that Professor Elm discovered abandoned in the woods. The first four years of my life were spent in Professor Elm's lab, eagerly awaiting the day when I would finally be old enough to be chosen by a trainer that I would go with on a Pokemon adventure. With me in the lab were Chikorita, the creepy stalker who was always making advances toward me, much to my dismay, and Totodile, the stupid one who would try to eat anything, including me! After four years, I was finally old enough to go on a Pokemon journey with a trainer! I was chosen by a trainer named Marcus, and we boarded a plane to Unova, where his family was moving. On the plane, I made a good friend in a Wooper, who was on the plane to escape his old life with his abusive ex-trainer. I offered for him to join Marcus's team, but he declined. However, he showed up later at Marcus's new house, saying that he had reconsidered. Marcus accepted, of course, and Wooper became a part of the team! The next day, Marcus, Wooper, and I left his home to finally begin our Pokemon journey! Soon after this, Marcus caught the clumsy, overly orderly,  motherly Audino. We spent the night in Accumula. The next day I noticed a trash can moving. Upon inspection, I found a Ralts that was horriffically skinny and looked like she had been beaten! We rushed her to the Pokemon Center, where she underwent treatment. Thankfully, she survived, and she joined our team! She told us that she had been abused by her trainer, who had eventually left her in that trash can to die! After giving her a few days to recover, we were finally off again! By this point, I had developed a huge crush on Ralts. Ralts and I had become very good friends, and eventually, I built up the courage to confess to Ralts my love for her. Thankfully, she loved me back! I was incredibly happy. However, at this point, we were just friends who happened to be in love, and were not actually dating. So I finally built up the courage to ask her out. For our date, we went on a walk in the woods, where we ran into some poachers! However, Ralts managed to fight them off. The next day, I made an attempt at battling gym leader Cress at the Striaton Gym, though I was defeated. Eventually, I did beat Cress.


-Beat the Unova region's champion, Alder, after receiving all eight Unova badges.

-Obtained all eight Kanto badges

The Fight against G

G is a Pokemon hunter that we met at the Seafoam islands when we went there to attempt to catch Articuno. We found Articuno chained up in something like barbed wire. We fought against him. He fought with an Entei for part of the fight, but mostly he fought with a Mew. By his side was a young boy. We managed to save Articuno, but he got away, leaving a business card with the letter "G" and an address on it. This is how we learned his name (or rather, nickname.) One of my friends, a Wartortle, joined our team temporarily to help us fight G, we soon traveled to the address on the card, finding his hideout full of rare and powerful Pokemon, most of which were legendaries or shinies. We fought with him. During the fight, it became apparent that the young boy was his younger brother, whom G treated with lots of brotherly affection. We managed to save a shiny Sneasel. G had one of his Pokemon use an incredibly powerful Teleport move, and the entire contents of his hideout fanished, presumably to prevent any interference from the authorities. We became good friends with the shiny Sneasel. We had a fight with G to save a shiny Ho-Oh. It was during this fight that we learned that G's real name is Gade when the young boy referred to him as this. Then, in our next confrontation with G, we learned that Sneasel was a traitor when she attacked Wartortle and I and returned to G. It was revealed at this point that G could cause her horrible pain at any time he wished, which is how he controlled her. He then gave us a Mawile, who he told us was to be his spy. We were to allow her to join our team and spy on us, or he would blow up a bomb in the form of a shackle around her neck. Obviously, she did not want to spy on us, but she wanted to live, so she went along with it. And we, also wanting her to live, did as well. She is very sweet, though a bit timid and sad. We managed to keep her alive by suddenly attacking the shackle, but it didn't come all the way off. I covered her as best I could, but she was still severely burned. We quickly brought her to the hospital. After walking the line between life and death several times, she was finally saved by a Thunderbolt from Gardevoir after her heart completely stopped. She made it out of the experience alive, and after a few days of healing rejoined our team. We are currently planning one final assault on G to take him down once and for all.