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Ashton (Ash) Casey Ketchum
12842764 m.jpg
Ash in his new Unova themed costume
Age 14 (Thinks he's 10)
Gender Male ♂
Home Current Town, Unova
Pokemon captured @Pikachu, @Tsutaja, @Oshawott, @Mamepato, @Tepig, @Insect_Artist

Ashton Casey Ketchum (born in Pallet Town, KA) is a young Pokémon trainer who fights Pokémon for money and travels to a different region of the world every year to compete in that area's annual League of Pokémon battling 'The Pokémon League.' Although, mainly going through every region to collect the minimum eight badges needed to compete, he often gets distracted because he suffers immensely from ADHD.

Anime History

Pallet Town

Ash Ketchum is a male Pokémon trainer born and raised in the Kanto region of the Pokémon world. He trains Pokémon to battle against other Pokémon in arenas known as Gyms in order to win badges. Ash started his Pokémon battling journey at the age of ten, which is the bare minimum a trainer can start as in the Kanto region as well as in other neighboring regions. His mother runs a restaurant known as Pallet House according to the novel based around his family. His father has been confirmed to be a Pokémon trainer but it is unclear if he is still living. He has also had a grandfather mentioned but never seen.

Ash was late to pick up Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander as his Kanto starter so he was left with a male Pikachu which he obtained through a Poké Ball marked with a lightning bolt symbol. His first considered rival was Gary Oak, the grandson of his mother's close friend who also happens to be Kanto's Pokémon Professor, Samuel Oak. (Professor Oak/Prof. Oak/Sammy). Gary was a friend of Ash's during their childhood but they quickly became competitive when it came to Pokémon training and they did not return to being friends until nearly halfway through his venture through Johto in the Johto Saga. Ash keeps half of a broken Poké Ball (That he and Gary broke) as a symbol of his and Gary's friendship whereas Gary keeps the other half.

It is to be noted that Ash's family does not have a lot of money, unlike some of his other friends and rivals who seem much more financially stable. Ash's house is of a very poor quality, his walls are shown to have cracks in them and he is said to have Pokémon infestations (Such as Pikachu living within his walls) in Manga series in which he appears. He does not often have money to buy his own wardrobes unlike his friends. His mother makes them for him. Ash's money is mainly pocketed from winning trainer battles assuming trainers exchange money in the Anime as they do in the games, as well as from competing in the Pokémon League and regional Gym Battles.

Ash travels from region to region making friends with both Pokémon and human beings. Like his Pokémon, he also leaves behind his human companions to meet new ones almost every new region he travels to. Ash's dream is to become a Pokémon master, which is similar to becoming the Pokémon Champion in the games, but as Ash describes, not only involves beating the Elite Four but also to catch and befriend absolutely every Pokémon. Despite his dream to accomplish this, he has never beaten the Elite Four and does not seem relatively interested in catching every Pokémon even when the chance is placed in front of him.

Twitter History

During Ash's travels he has picked up Unova's hottest trend of something called "Tweeting" and with it has gotten into a bit of trouble. He has not been on Twitter for long, but has already upset Unova's enemy group "Team Plasma." He first picked up Gary [8] 's tweets about heading to Unova and urged Gary to come see him and battle him in the new region and is now ultimately responsible for Gary's run-in with the famed Glitch Pokémon Missingno.

Ash and Cilan [9] went in search of their missing Iris in hopes of having the full team together for Thanks Giving which caused some panic. Ultimately landing both Cilan and himself in the castle of someone named N [10] . Despite making several enemies since they began using twitter, Ash, Cilan and Iris [11] of course have also made a couple friends. Even readopting Misty(Trainer_Misty) back onto the team.

Misty however, parted ways and Ash was left faced with the challenge of figuring out what happened to Gary. As time went on, it was nearly three months after Ash's own run-in with the Missingno and Gary's disappearance. Then it began to become apparent upon Gary's waking realization of his own confinement in a dark, wettened area and what seemed to be an umbilical cord (described as a tentacle or pole) attached to Gary's abdomen, that perhaps Gary had somehow reverted into an embryonic or fetal developmental state. It took a lot of confirmation from many professors including Samuel Oak, Gary's own grand father, when it was settled that this was the only possibility all considering Gary's many symptoms and the fact Gary had not eaten nor felt the need to breathe in all three months of his absence from the rest of the world.

In a run-in with Team Rocket, James described Jessie as an expectant mother and Ash set his mind to finding Jessie for he believed her to be carrying Gary inside of her. It wasn't until Ash begun to show signs of weight gain, illness and other pregnancy-like symptoms that Ash and his many friends began to suspect something was up. Ash was forced to take a pregnancy test and unfortunately it came back positive.

This resulted in a massive roaring outrage of the community among Twitter against Ash. Ash was forced to resign in a bomb shelter for protection from the mob. Only after Ash became trapped inside of the 100+ yr old bomb shelter did anyone notify Ash that pregnancy tests are always positive when men take them due to the hormone imbalance in hormones in pregnant women being similar to the average hormonal state of men. It has since been explained as worry-weight from stressing over his presumed failure to find his friend, Gary, initially. However, Ash ended up setting a fire attempting to light a torch to see a skeleton shriveled up in the corner of the bomb shelter he was rusted into. The fire became so intense that Ash suffered minor burns to his left arm and his hair was singed very short. It would be two more weeks before he appeared in the next Anime episode--and just long enough for that hair to grow back!



Current Team

    • Pikachu [12] Moves: Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Quick Attack, Thunderbolt
    • Oshawott [13] Moves: Water Gun, Tackle, Shell Blade
    • Scraggy [14] Moves: Leer, Headbutt
    • Sewaddle [15] Moves: String Shot, Razor Leaf, Bug Bite

Captured Pokémon

    • Pidove [16] Moves: Gust, Quick Attack, Air Cutter
    • Arti [17] Moves: Sketch, Bug Bite, Afro Break, Butterfly Dance
    • Snivy [18] Moves: Attract, Vine Whip, Leaf Storm, Leaf Blade
    • Tepig [19] Moves: Ember, Tackle
    • Beedril ♂ ** Gliscor ♂ ** Butterfree ♂ ** Pidgeotto ♂ ** Lapras ♀ ** Raticate ♂
    • Aipom ♀** Primeape ♂ ** Charizard ♂ ** Squirtle ♂ ** Gible ♂ ** Buizel ♂
    • Infernape ♂ ** Torterra ♂** Staraptor ♂ ** Glalie ♂ ** Torkoal ♂ ** Corphish ♂
    • Sceptile ♂ ** Quilava ♂ ** Bayleaf ♀** Heracross ♂ ** Snorlax ♂ ** Tauros ♂
    • Muk ♂ ** Krabby ♂ ** Bulbasaur ♂

Befriended Pokémon

Anime :

    • Haunter ** Larvitar ** Rapidash ** Porygon ** Arbok ** Weezing
    • Meowth ** Hoothoot ** Staryu ** Psyduck ** Seaking ** Hitmonlee ♂ ** Raichu
    • Spoink ** Mantyke ** Mewtwo ** Lugia ** Celebi ** Latias ** Deoxys ** Lucario
    • Darkrai ** Shaymin ** Giratina ** Arceus ** Zorua ** Zoroark

Twitter :

    • @supapikachu ** @Umbralist


@VineSwinging [1]


Ash and Iris have not been friends for very long, but now Ash is somewhat protective and possessive of her. He gets jealous whenever she leaves or runs off with other friends and he doesn't like to hear her talking about leaving or dropping out of the loop. Iris apparently knew Ash long before he met her, and spoke of how she thought it was cute when he danced around in front of her gym every night. Ash doesn't seem to mind being called a child by Iris and is always eager to have another adventure with Iris and his other friends. He thinks of his new friends as his new family even though he isn't very fond of the things they do or how they act most the time.

@LeaderCilan [2]


Ash and Cilan have not been friends for very long; having met Cilan not long after he met Iris and of course having known Iris for longer than he's known Cilan. Cilan and Ash met on twitter through Ash panicking over losing where Iris was. It turned out after a long day of searching that Cilan had Iris' twitter account and could merely send Ash to her that way. Ash and Cilan have an odd brotherly relationship that often involves singing duets together and other childish natured play. Though Ash and Cilan's personalities do conflict and this leads to a lot of argumentative conversations between them.

It is not uncommon for Cilan and Ash to mentally scar one another through their actions over twitter. Usually the mental trauma has died down to bearable levels after a week of absence from the Anime or more.

@Pikachu [3]


Ash had not seen Pikachu in quite some time as Pikachu, as he described, "Turned Japanese one day and stopped talking." Ash had become worried about his Pikachu and believed that the holiday season was to blame for their feud. Ash sought counseling for his and Pikachu's relationship from other Pikachu in the area and has even offered to switch out his Pikachu for a new one if his original Pikachu is happier on it's own.

In the end, Pikachu did return to Ash and they hope never to part ways again.

@PlasmaKing_N [4]


Ash does not know much about the mysterious "N" and most of what he knows has been rumoured to him by other people and Pokémon. When meeting N in person, N was dressed in his mother's gown and had grown quite depressed. This confused Ash. Ash has never seen N in his normal attire. Ash was booted from N's castle for arguing too loudly with Cilan and upsetting N's headache. Ash also accused N of having corrupted and/or having kidnapped Iris but N told Ash that Iris was safe and he hadn't heard from her. Ash immediately grew to hate N after hearing that he wishes to separate human kind and Pokémon for good and having made multiple people release all of their Pokémon. Ash is now looking for ways to stop N and Team Plasma.

Shortly after Christmas day, N was facing death charges for his power corruption and war crimes. He was sentenced to hanging and was banished to a tower until the execution. Ash and Cilan came to rescue N while N was awaiting death. They came too late and unfortunately had to witness N's demise. Cilan became very mentally unstable from the event and temporarily took on a job in England whilst Ash suddenly remembered he'd left J at the bottom of a lake over six months ago and ran away to save her. Only to be too late for that rescue as well.

It would later turn out that N's death was a hoax and publicity stunt. Ash never did catch wind of this.

@Trainer_Misty [5]


Ash met back up with Misty who was vacationing in the Unova region. She tweeted to Ash and told him she was at the Hiun beaches soaking up some sun. Ash had her come over to a bit chillier location, Current Town, for their celebration. Ash has always argued with Misty and had trouble proving to her that he was intelligent on some level. Ash and Misty often argue and have spats in which their insults de-evolve into simple childish slang.

After witnessing N's execution and whistling a cheerful Christmas tune, Ash then realized his outlook of life was a terrible choice indeed ; he didn't at all react to death nor much at all care when people died. Especially if he already didn't like them. He was unhappy with how he suppressed his mental traumas and had to seek serious counseling from Misty via e-mail. Misty is somewhat of his psychiatrist now.

@GarrisonOak [6]

Gary Oak

Ash first picked up Gary's tweets about heading to Unova and urged Gary to come see him and battle him in the new region and is now ultimately responsible for Gary's run-in with the famed Glitch Pokémon "Missingno." Ash feels it's his fault Gary went missing after entering a massive thunderstorm-like glitch cloud and becoming lost. Ash spends his off-time trying to look for Gary who tweets from an unknown location in hopes of being rescued.

Ash is one of Gary's only supporters now in Gary's weakened state and will do anything to make Gary feel better. But that doesn't mean they don't often find themselves wound up in hurtful arguments and throwing names about just like old times.

@Insect_Artist [7]


Ash, Iris and Cilan went shopping for new clothes after all three of them switched outfits and ended up losing pieces of one another's wardrobes. Ash first saw Arti on a poster at the same market place over Arti's own line of designer clothing. Cilan showed the famed designer artist's clothing to Ash and Ash became obsessed with Arti's "afro." Ash later went on to become Arti's stalker, even taking clippings of Arti's armpit hair--after being denied clippings of Arti's actual hair--to use as an authentic Italian moustache when having an argument with Iris and Cilan as to what ethnicity Ash belonged to. Ash is the cause of Arti's self consciousness over his hair after being told by several sources including Ash that he had an afro which was harmless to Ash, who himself, admires afros. But are what Arti categorizes as unattractive. Arti later ended up mortally wounding his hair and had to wear a prosthetic hat in it's place. As of now, Ash has grown an odd attachment to Arti and now has Arti on his team of Pokémon. He gave Arti a matching scarf to one of his own.

They later met with Arti in the forest where Arti helped Ash catch his Sewaddle by teaching him about Bug Pokémon. Ash then met up with Arti yet again in a different forest--Eterna forest, to which, Ash had been mysteriously transported. Ash ended up using this to his advantage to escape the angry mob that soon followed him and was lucky enough to find a bomb shelter to hide in. The event later lead to losing much of his hair. Nevertheless, Ash still wants a moustache even for his new choppy hairdo.


  • Ash's favourite colour is dark green, despite popular beliefs regarding his majorly blue colour pallet. (Anime)
  • Because of Takeshi Shudo's novel, Ash's birthday is calculated to be on May 22nd. (Novel)
  • Ash has been stated to both like and hate spicy food on separate occasions. (Anime)
  • Ashton comes from his name "Ash" and is another logical full name for his character due to the fact 'Ash' is not technically a name. But instead, a nick name. (Twitter)
  • Casey comes from the fact that Ash's name was originally planned to be "Casey Ketchum" but for whatever reason was changed before the official airing of the English series. It is believed his middle name could still be Casey and fans look forward to his original name making an appearance in the series. (Anime)
    • Ash is highly ashamed of his middle name "Casey" (Twitter)
  • Ash only thinks he's 10 years old because of how hard he was electrocuted by Zekrom upon his arrival to the Unova region initially.
    • He recovered believing it was his tenth birthday despite the fact he had previously in Sinnoh, Johto and Kanto stated that many years had been going by, and that it was proven that the Pokémon league is held global, yearly. Also that Christmas has gone by several times in Ash's journeys. Regardless, he now believes that no time has gone by and this is his very first Pokémon Journey. Ash also now strongly enjoys being electrocuted and frequently orders Pikachu to electrocute him for no reason. (Twitter)

  • According to Iris, Ash frequently dances alone at night in front of her gym and Ash does not deny this fact despite having never before been to Souryuu city. (Twitter)
  • AshtonKetchum is portrayed by @ZachsAnomaly on twitter. (Twitter)
  • AshtonKetchum's template is based on the "HumanStats" template on (Twitterdex)

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