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Ashley Amaya SilverTrainer.png
Ashley B. Amaya
Age 21
Gender Female
Home Cherrygrove, Johto; Flossesy, Unova
Pokemon captured Togekiss, Vulpix, Charmeleon, Alakazam, and Joltik.

Ashley is a trainer from Cherrygrove, Johto. She has lived through some very tough years, but her experiences have only proven to make her stronger.



Raised by her grandparents (her own mother, Elana, having passed away when she was very young, and her father being unknown), Miriam (a retired elite trainer) and Orsen Amaya, Ashley grew up to be an old-fashioned young girl who enjoyed reading and playing the flute more than playing with other children. As it was, she made very few friends her own age, and was unable to keep those she did manage to obtain. When she was ten years of age, and after completing Trainer’s School, Ashley was able to leave home and become a trainer. Her grandmother was thrilled; it was what she had wanted for Ashley since she’d been born, especially since her own daughter had never chosen to follow in Miriam’s footsteps. However, as young as she was (and with her vivid imagination), Ashley knew how heartbroken her grandparents had been at the death of her mother. She wanted to become a trainer- she truly did- but something within Ashley made her refuse to leave. She preferred to remain with her grandparents, keep them company, and continue learning at home. As time passed Miriam grew ill and eventually passed on. In her passing, and with the hopes that one day Ashley would become a trainer, Miriam left Ashley a Pokémon: Togetic. Togetic’s happiness helped ease the grief Ashley felt, and within the next year Ashley spent her time getting to know Togetic and re-studying what she had learned during her Trainer School years. At the age of eighteen, Orsen purchased Ashley a Pokegear and she finally left home with the dreams of being a great trainer and making her diseased grandmother proud.


Alex Cena

Alex (an Ice-Type Trainer from Snowpoint, Sinnoh) falls under the category of 'best friend' to Ashley. Formerly in a relationship, they traveled together for a while until Ashley decided she needed a break from... practically everything. They still remain close friends, and Alex has helped her get through more tough times than she can count.


Main team
Dpmfb037.png Vulpix: Sakura [Female;]

Sakura was given to Ashley as an egg. A young Vulpix with a lot to learn, she is an extreme pyromaniac and loves to play. However, she can also be a bit threatening, and a little diva. She dislikes water, Feraligatr, a few “humans”, and not being given what she wants. Her favorite food is cookies, and she likes to remind everyone she meets that one day she will take over the world with her cuteness.

[[Image:]] Charmeleon: Charming [Male;]

A Rocket Pokemon, Charmander was put into Ashley’s care for undisclosed reasons. Despite her kind efforts at first, he despised her. As time passed he grew to accept her more, though he still chooses to only listen to her when he feels like it.

[[]] Alakazam: Axel [Male]

Axel was given to Ashley by Alex very early in their relationship. As a Kadabra, he is Ashley's most peaceful Pokemon, and serves as her primary Teleporter.

595.png Joltik: Minion [Male;]

Minion was actually found by Sakura one afternoon. Despite being in Johto and far from his native region (it was speculated he had crawled onto someone's bag before departing Unova), Sakura appeared with him sitting between her ears and promptly decided that he was her's. She named him Minion, and informs everyone that he will help her take over the world with cute. To keep the feisty Vulpix happy, Ashley caught him, despite her desperate fear of spiders.

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