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Focus your eyes and look... who is the one that lives?
Species Blade Pokémon
Age 19
Level 50
Types Psychic-type.png Fighting-type.png
Gender Male
Home Unova
Trainer Wild
Carrying Galladite
Nature Careful

Arin (real name Oberon) is a Gallade from the Unova Region. He is currently in the Hoenn Region, travelling and practicing his fighting skills.


Similar to any other Gallade, Arin is shown to be brave and chivalrous. He is willing to help anyone in need, regardless of what their situation is. He tends to keep an open mind and then judge others based on their actions. Whenever Arin is stressed out (up to the point where he gets flustered over every single thing), he often consumes large amounts of alcohol, admitting that by drinking, it "washes the stress away".

According to some Pokémon, they always compliment him for his good looks. Those compliments lead to Arin acting modest and usually trying to shrug it off.

In regards to his nickname "Arin", he admitted that Titania was the one who gave him his nickname.


As a Ralts

When Arin was born, he lived with his older brother in a secluded Pokémon village which was mostly inhabited by Fairy types. This village remains rivals with another village, which is inhabited by Steel types. As Arin grew up, he always dreamed of following his brother's footsteps and serving the Leader, which was a Gardevoir. One of the main reasons was because the Leader had a daughter named Titania, which would then serve to be the future Leader of the village. As weeks passed by, Arin tried his hardest to become stronger.

During his weeks of training, his older brother leaves the village with the army to fight with the Steel village. Arin bids him a goodbye, with high hopes that he will return to see him grow stronger and evolve. As months passed by, terrible news struck Arin as his brother has died in the hands of a Lucario during that battle between the two villages.

Fallen deeply into despair, Arin gave up his dream and continued a quiet life in the village.

As a Kirlia

As weeks turned into months, Arin evolved into a Kirlia. During that time, he slowly opened up and started making friends with others in the village, including Titania. Because of this sudden spark he made with her, he decides to give his dream a second chance. Paranoid that he would not find a Dawn Stone in time, he decides to practice his swordplay using fallen tree branches.

Later on, disaster strikes into the village as Titania has been kidnapped by a Mega Lucario, which turned out to be the exact same Lucario who killed his brother. From that moment on, he promises to become stronger than before and to avenge his brother's death.

Arin decides to leave the village and return once he evolves into a Gallade. Along the way, he meets a Honedge and the two quickly become companions. As they both travelled across the region, Arin continues to practice his swordplay, using Honedge Arin says that even though Honedge is silent and does not talk much, he still understands Honedge through his actions and "eye" expressions.

Fey Village

The Fey Village is Arin's hometown and is often referred to as "the village full of fairies". The village is located deep in the Santalune Forest in the Kalos Region and the majority of its population consists of Fairy type Pokémon. Despite it being well secluded, the Pokémon that reside in the village will warmly welcome any outsiders that happen to visit. Unfortunately, that is not the case with Steel types as their village had been attacked by a group of Lucarios. Ever since then, the village constantly keep their guard up whenever a Steel type enters the village (that includes Mawiles).

According to Arin, his hometown has a distinctive language, in which they read and talk "poetically". This heavily shows the distinction between the residents and visitors.


Honedge (now an Aegislash)

Arin met a Honedge shortly after his departure from the village. The two quickly became friends and Honedge helps Arin improve his swordplay. Even though Honedge evolved during Arin's journey, he still refers to him as Honedge.

A recurring "joke" is that even though Arin uses male pronouns when referring to Honedge, a part of him believes that Honedge is actually a female. The reason why is because Honedge is always silent and Arin seems to think that "she" is fed up with him using male pronouns.


  • Arin's birthday is on April 12.
  • Arin's moveset is Leaf Blade, Night Slash, Psycho Cut and Close Combat.
  • When Arin was a Kirlia, his moveset was Teleport, Magical Leaf, Calm Mind and Psychic.
  • Arin's handle is named after a sculpture in the horror RPG game, Ib.
  • HnngWorthy admits that Arin's backstory is based off of cliché Disney Princess movies (and that he is the lame protagonist that believes in the power of love and friendship).
  • This picture is the inspiration of Arin's creation and story.