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Aquilus 2.jpeg
One of the friendliest ducks you can find.
Species Golduck
Age 4 (23 in Golduck years)
Level 60
Types Water-type.png
Gender Male
Home Castle Samiya
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Calm


Aquilus is similar to many other Golducks. He has a long bill, sharp claws on his webbed appendages, and is built to swim rather quickly. His early days of swimming against currents helped him to develop a more muscular build. The only other item he carries on his person is that of a water resistant bag that will hold any water proof books he comes across on his journey as well as a gear that his acquaintance, Croc, gifted to him.


Aquilus does his best to remain calm in any situation. Being a scholar, the Golduck tends to make a good first impression on anyone he meets, even if they are less than friendly toward him. Due to some small time training thanks to Croc, he is able to hold his own in battle with far more confidence, acting as a type of bodyguard for the queen. Such experience has even given him the position as a leader of a tactical division within the kingdom of Samiya. He is more than eager to travel around to visit new areas, and is more than happy to please the queen in any way he can. As such, he is a huge fan of heart swapping with other pokemon so that he can experience life from a new viewpoint. He is quite eager to swap bodies with any other water types that express interest in such an experiment with the intent of writing such experiences down in a book he intends to fully publish one day.

Due to a mishap with a few ghosts while they had swapped bodies Aquilus feels a great attraction toward the queen, so much so that he will eagerly try to get with her together in secret. He is terribly afraid that the king might find out, and desires to keep it secret from him at all costs. Despite that he feels his own level of respect for the king, especially after he gave him a chance with joining the kingdom.



Aquilus grew up in the land of Kanto. He lived in a small pokemon settlement that was far away from the human cities. The settlement was lead by an elderly Alakazam that took Aquilus on as an apprentice when he was but a Psyduck. The Alakazam taught Aquilus many psychic techniques with the intent to get him up to shape to lead the settlement in the near future. At the same time, Aquilus joined up with three of his friends to travel around the forests, battling other pokemon in the hopes that they would evolve. Aquilus took more of a supporting role, but the effort he put into his part eventually helped him to evolve into a Golduck. When the group headed back to the settlement they found many injured mon. It turned out that a human had snuck close to the camp and had sent out his own pokemon to attack the residents. In the ensuring confusion Aquilus' sister was captured by the human.

Aquilus was confounded by the news and distanced himself from the other villagers. His lessons with the Alakzam became less and less, and eventually the elder psychic gave up on him. It was a year later when the human returned, this time using Aquilus' sister to attack the village and try to lure out the residents into traps that the human had set down. The Alakazam didn't wish for more chaos to be inflicted upon their settlement, so he easily dispatched the human with his psychic powers. The reappearance of his sister only worsened Aquilus' mood, and so he decided to leave the settlement.


In his first week away from home, Aquilus had been traveling to Hoenn to pick up some water proof books when he realized that he was lost. With no landmark to go off of he eventually found his way to a castle under the sea. It turned out that a Manaphy lived in the castle, alongside a Lanturn. King Samiya invited Aquilus to stay with them and the duck soon met the legendary herself. It turned out that Queen Samiya had access to a power known as Heart Swap, which could make two mon swap bodies with each other. Given his helpful personality, Aquilus was more than eager to let the queen use it on him. His first swap was actually with Prince Augustus, a Horsea that was the son of the king and queen. Following the swap, the Samiyans left for Kyogre's castle and Aquilus enjoyed his time as Augy while staying at the larger castle.

When Aquilus had swapped back to his usual self he ended up heading off to Hoenn to retrieve the books that were held for him. Along the way he bumped into a ship that was captained by Cragma, a Froslass at the time, who eagerly accepted him on board for a few days. Aquilus engaged in some fun with the Froslass before he left again, promising to come and visit the crew later.

Christmas was soon around the corner when he decided to swap next with Scott, a rather large Gastrodon who wanted to visit the castle. It was this swap that gave Aquilus a revelation. He could potentially swap with every single water type in existence and be able to record how each mon was different from the other. Shortly after he began to work on his book the queen and king went away for vacation, leaving him at the castle with Mach, Croc, and Gren. In the ensuring aftermath of New Year's Eve Aquilus became drunk and ended up having too good of a time with the other guys. Believing that he had sinned against Arceus for such an act he ran away from the castle and stayed with Cragma for but a single day before Arceus himself appeared in his dreams. After assuring Aquilus that he had not sinned the duck quickly raced back to the castle, apologizing to his friends for how he had acted.

As time wore on Aquilus ended up heart swapping with many other mon before finally traveling with the queen and king to Forina to have some time there for April Fool's and Easter. After returning to the kingdom, and as Christmas came, he finally managed to reveal to the queen that he wasn't much of a warrior, that instead he was more of a coward. He ended up training with Croc during this time and gained a bit of confidence as a result. Around this same time Aquilus met a Greninja named Gren who he considered a boyfriend of sorts, even if they didn't spend far too much time together. During the Christmas celebrations with his friends Aquilus ended up getting drunk and ended up doing some dubious shenanigans, at which point he fled Samiya due to shame. He later received a vision from Arceus who calmed him down. He returned to Samiya thusly.

Present Twitter

Some time after that Aquilus and Sami went to the surface looking for some swap participants and came upon Jewel and Sasha. The four switched bodies with Jewel taking Aquilus'. Unknown to Aquilus and Sami, Jewel and Sasha desired to keep their bodies forever, with Jewel adopting the name Xavier to go along with his new form. Eventually the two were tracked down and the swap was undone, but in the process caused Sami to be wary of further Heart Swaps in the future. Aquilus, as well as Sami, ended up being affected by the relations Xavier and Sasha had in their bodies and had a closer romantic bond with the queen as a result. Being a voice of comfort to her, Aquilus proposed the idea of swapping bodies with her, something the queen took up.

For a while he posed as the queen, up until the two went to Pearl's house where they exchanged bodies with the couple. Their romantic actions during such a time stirred the curiosity of the king. Once they returned to the kingdom Sami switched with a Swampert guard who unwittingly alerted the king to but a portion of their antics. The entire charade fell when the king figured out what was going on and fled. Currently Aquilus is having to take up more responsibility, not to mention having the eyes of the kingdom right upon him.