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Not really angry, but oh well!
Species Gligar
Age 18
Level 38
Types Ground-type.png Flying-type.png
Gender M
Home Sinnoh
Trainer Wild
Carrying None
Nature Unspecified

Despite the chosen name, this Gligar is fairly friendly. He enjoys spending time on the internet while constantly traveling among the different regions. While he always updates about this, "Gliggy" does not generally get into conversations, instead preferring to watch others talk.

The exceptions seem to be Lanturnabout and Electrike, his two apparent friends. He has spent some time adventuring with the and hopes to do so again. He considers @_Arcanine_ to be somewhat a friend as well, as they have talked a bit.

Still, AngryGligar hasn't been PokeTwittering for very long. Many aspects of his personality, as well as his potential as part of the group, remain to be explored. He hopes to make lots more friends as time goes on.

Also, orange soda.