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Aloe Riddel
Black White Aloe.png
Age 34
Gender Female
Home Shippou City, Isshu
Pokemon captured Pokabu, Darumakka, Darumakka


Aloe was born in Fuchsia City, Kanto, but at three months old, her parents moved her to Shippou City, Isshu. Aloe grew up with a love for Pokemon and when there was a Pokemon League set up in Isshu, Aloe decided to start her own gym. She has a love for all Pokémon, but she ultimatly chose Fire Type Pokémon as her gym's main type. When more trainer's arrived in Isshu, Aloe decided to join the social networking scene to see if she could get more challengers to her gym.

Pokemon On Hand

Hammy the Pokabu

Hammy: Hammy is Aloe's first Pokémon. Her father caught it and gave it to her as a present for her tenth birthday. Hammy is always available to help Aloe when she's in a jam.

Known Moves: Flamethrower, Flame Wheel, Nitro Charge, Fire Oath.

Booper very proud

Booper: Booper is Aloe's first Capture. She caught Booper when she was walking through the forest at the age of 16. Booper was with his sister Cookie, and looked like he needed a home, so Aloe caught him. Booper is the Powerhouse of Aloe's Pokemon, knowing many strong moves, but is also very sweet towards other Pokémon.

Known Moves: Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Sunny Day and Solarbeam.


Cookie: Cookie is Booper's sister and was caught in the same manner as Booper. Cookie is a free spirit and loves to do things on her own. She rarely goes into battle.

Known Moves: Fire Spin, Tackle.

Jimmy Pop~~

Jimmy Pop: Jimmy Pop was captured in Kanto while Aloe was visiting her Father. He's an extremely happy Pokémon and love to jump on people and lick there faces. When given Peanut Butter Jimmy Pop will sometimes sit for hours on end trying to get the peanut butter off the roof of his mouth.

Known Moves: Bite, Ember, Aerial Ace and Roar.

Released Pokemon

Recently Aloe caught a Yanappu and nicknamed it Brandon. She gave it to Dento because it wasn't her speciallity.