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Alexander Daniel Cena
Age 17
Gender Male
Home Snowpoint City
Pokemon captured Glaceon, Beartic, Froslass, Seel, Empoleon, Gardevoir, Staraptor, Bravairy, Poochyena, Oshawott, Woobat

Alexander Daniel Cena (born 27 August in Snowpoint, SN) (more commonly referred to by his surname Cena or as Alex) is a Sinnohsian Pokemon Trainer, currently challenging both the Unovan and Kantoan Pokemon Leagues. He specializes in the Ice-type.


Alex was born in Snowpoint to two parents, Erica and Alex Cena. He is known to have three sisters - Artemis, the oldest, who is a building contractor, Alexis, who is Cena's twin, and Alicia, the youngest. They have all attempted to help Alex with his love life, and have failed spectacularly. His mother lives in Snowpoint with the girls; his father is currently missing after an expedition into the Sinjoh Ruins. The family lived very briefly in Johto, where Alex's sister Artemis went to high school with future Elite Four leader Karen Umbra.

Unovan Antics

Alex left home around in the fall in Sinnoh to attempt to conquer the Unovan Pokemon League. It was in Unova that he met Bianca, Blair, and Lea, fellow Pokemon Trainers who challenged the League of their home. He also met N, the mysterious leader of the criminal organization Team Plasma, with whom he has spawned an intense mutual hatred, spawning from Alex's feelings towards Lea, who N believed was in love with him.

A Wild Ride Through Johto

Traveling through Johto for a time, Alex was instrumental in the saving of Karen, a former Elite Four who had been seduced into working for her former Master, the The Mask of Ice. She was nearly beaten to death by her associate Keane, but because of Alex's own self-imposed debt that he had placed upon himself to Karen (she had saved his sister from a rampaging Tauros during high school), he helped her survive with the help of Mewtwo.

Returning to Unova, he befriended Lea for real, and began to take a much greater interest in her, an interest that was initially not returned. They did, however, agree to go to a New Year's party that Petrel was hosting. They went and enjoyed some time in Kanto and Johto, exploring together, much to the chagrin of N. At the New Year's party, Cena became slightly drunk and kissed Lea. The resulting drama led to awkward moments throughout their trip to Kanto and Johto. The two have reconciled, though, and have become good friends ever since.

Confusion and Near-loss

Upon his return to Unova, Cena began to refocus on his efforts to win Badges and challenge the Elite Four of the region. But ties to Kanto, including the two badges he had earned there, as well as a proposed plan by Karen, kept him traveling between the two regions. It was during this time that Cena began speaking to Ashley Amaya, a field agent for Team Rocket and an acquaintance from his travels there. The two began talking more, and Cena slowly found himself falling for her. He did, however, still harbor feelings for Lea, so he spent his time traveling between regions, training for either league, prepared to make his move on either girl. When Cena and Ashley hung out together, he began to lose interest in Lea, despite the two bonding over an epic game of tag.

Ashley, however, having suffered her own emotional heartaches, ran away from a Rocket base and nearly committed suicide. Karen saved her, and Cena was amongst the first to visit her in the Plateau's infirmary, along with other close friends Shion and Katie. The two bonded more, but when Ashley openly admitted to loving her longtime friend Miles, Cena realized there was nothing he could do, so he confessed his feelings for her and simply accepted that they would, for the moment, remain friends.

Their interactions, however, proved that there was something between them, something Ashley admitted, despite her lingering feelings for the ever-absent Miles.


The two spent time together at their friend Shion's house, and then at Ashley's house in Cherrygrove, the latter ending mysteriously. It was later revealed by Cena's Gardevoir, Mira, that Cena and Ashley had begun a relationship, having kept it secret for a time. After winning his fifth Unovan badge, Ashley left Team Rocket, and the two began traveling through Sinnoh together on Ashley's quest to obtain all 8 Sinnoh League badges.

Partway through their journey, however, they separated, Ashley wishing to obtain a Shiny Stone on her own. Cena took this chance to travel to Unova and capture a Bouffalant. After obtaining one, he returned to Sinnoh to find that Ashley had been struck by an Onix, resulting in her losing a part of her memory.

Known Pokemon

Cena is known to have at least 12 Pokemon:

Spr 5b 471 s.png Glaceon

(Gender: Female, Ability: Snow Cloak)

Mira is Cena's shiny Glaceon. Cena's first friend and the daughter of his mother's Glaceon, Mia, Mira is regarded as his closest friend and signature Pokemon. She is of a Relaxed nature, but is a diva in attitude and good friends with Cena's Gardevoir, Stella. The two share their own account on Twitter, @MindFreezeDivas.

Spr 5b 282 s.png Gardevoir

(Gender: Female, Ability: Synchronize)

Stella is Cena's shiny Gardevoir. She was caught as one of Cena's first Pokemon on his first journey as a Ralts. Incredibly dramatic and with a reputation for being a tease, her signature gag is to pull out a bottle of jelly (usually blueberry, Cena's favorite) to signify that her trainer is jealous of something. She is also Cena's teleporter.

Spr 5b 395.png Empoleon

(Gender: Female, Ability: Torrent)

Empress is Cena's Empoleon. As a Piplup, she was the starer Cena chose at the beginning of his journey in Sinnoh. She now resides at the Cenas' home in Snowpoint, as a guard for the family.

Spr 5b 628.png Braviary

(Gender: Male, Ability: Sheer Force)

Washington (often referred to as Wash) is Cena's Bravairy. One of the first Unovan Pokemon he caught, Wash is naive but friendly and always willing to give rides.

Spr 5b 614.png Beartic

(Gender: Male, Ability: Snow Cloak)

Arthur is Cena's Beartic. He was a gift from Bianca to Cena for Christmas. Although he recently evolved from a Cubchoo, he still acts like a child, often hugging Cena.

Spr 5b 478.png Froslass

(Gender: Female, Ability: Snow Cloak)

Setsuka is Cena's Froslass. Not much is known about her, other than that she is a very calm, very mature Pokemon.

Spr 5b 398 f.png Staraptor

(Gender: Female, Ability: Intimidate)

Kendra is Cena's Staraptor, another veteran of Cena's initial journey. She now resides as the family flyer in Snowpoint.

Spr 5b 261.png Poochyena

(Gender: Male, Ability: Run Away)

Nathan is Cena's Poochyena. He was given to Cena by Grey, and loves licking.

Spr 5b 503.png Samurott

(Gender: Male, Ability: Torrent)

Revolver is Cena's Samuwott. He was caught in Unova. As an Oshawott and Dewott, he was rather perverted, insisting on hugging women near their more private areas. He has matured as a Samurott, though. He is capable of performing the legendary Water-type move, Hydro Canon.

Spr 5b 527.png Woobat

(Gender: Male, Ability: Unaware)

Lee is Cena's Woobat. Ashley gave him Lee as a gift after she found that she had too many Pokemon.

Spr 5b 626.png Bouffalant

(Gender: Male, Ability: Sap Sipper)

Dwayne is Cena's Bouffalant. Cena caught him in Unova after a couple of days of struggle.

Cena has also caught a Seel that has not been named yet, as well as a "secret weapon" only known by the name Sav.


Cena is relatively short and stocky. He has dark skin, reflecting his Mexican heritage, and is not thin, prefering to call himself husky.


Cena is an incredibly loyal guy who sticks by his friends through thick and thin. He'll find ways to help his friends, defend them from others who would do to hurt or impede them, and would rather die than betray one of his friends. Because of this, he's often been called naive.

Because of his upbringing in an all-girls household, as well as his older sister's constant lessons on how to meet girls, he has become something of a mix between a "ladies' man" (constantly flirting with women around his age) and a person with deep respect for women. He will, for example, briefly flirt with a woman and then, after saying something unsavory or ungentlemanly, plead for forgiveness.

One of the worst traits he has, though, is that one of his first reactions to seeing things not going his way or against his beliefs is to run from the situation, as evidenced by his running from Unova when it was apparent that Lea had taken a liking to N instead of him. He's tried to stop this behavior, but it has still lingered.



Bianca was one of the first friends Cena made in Unova. He initially took an interest to her, but after finding out about their age difference and her obliviousness to any romantic gesture because of her innocence and idealism, he simply accepted her as a close friend. Cena caught a Pidgeoto in Johto as a present for Bianca when she lamented on her lack of a Flying Pokemon so that she could travel.


Whitlea Touko was another friend Cena met in Unova. Orignally only meeting during an encounter with N, he began to develop feelings for her later on. They went to Petrel's New Year's Eve party and, with the help of some champaign, shared a New Year's Kiss. This was a mistake, however, and it nearly cost them their friendship. However, the two have reconciled, and Cena has attempted on many occasions to court her, although now they seem to be content with simply calling themselves friends. Their relationship drama also spawned an intense rivalry with N, who had fallen for Lea and considered Cena to be attempting to "steal" her away, despite Lea's feelings of disgust towards N.


As mentioned above, N began simply as an acquaintance of Cena's, and when Cena began to court Lea, N became supremely jealous. N and Cena often verbally quarrel, and N has expressed both hatred and apathy towards him. Despite seemingly returning those feelings, Cena secretly pities N, and hopes that he finds his right path and that they may be, at the very least, friends.


Karen went to the same High School as Cena's older sister Artemis. During a school outing to the Safari Zone, Artemis accidentally caused a stampede of Tauros, nearly costing her life; had it not been for Karen's budding Elite Pokemon training skills, she might not survived. As such, Cena thought that his family owed a debt to the Dark-type master, so when the Mask of Ice returned, Cena traveled to Kanto to attempt to return her to the side of good. In the end, Cena helped Mewtwo rescue her from near-death at the hands of fellow Mask agent Keane. Karen calls Cena "kid", and views him as a "scatterbrained neurotic teenager with a good heart and lots of potential".


Shion Kitakami was one of the girls Cena talked to frequently. He briefly flirted with her, but after traveling to Johto just to invite her on a date, Cena found out that she was 4 years older than him (21 compared to his 17) and a nearly-out-of-the-closet lesbian. Though he attempted to reconcile their friendship at least, he nearly got her killed by exploding Voltorb in the process. The two have since made up, however, and have bonded more over the situation with their mutual friend Ashley.


Cena's older sister and most trusted confidante, she constantly berates him at his failed efforts to court girls. The two share a fondness for architecture, and Cena designed his dream Gym with her assistance. He has attempted to help her overcome her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (caused by her nearly-fatal encounter with Tauros) by helping her train a Togekiss named Dawn.


Originally an acquaintance from speaking with people in Kanto, Ashley Amaya quickly became the subject of his affections. The two hung out once in Goldenrod, and had a good time. However, Ashley's life as a Rocket Grunt was far from perfect, and she attempted suicide before Karen rescued her. Cena was the first to be at the Plateau when he heard she was being treated there. He stayed with her overnight along with Shion, Katie, and Miles. The two bonded, but when Ashley revealed her feelings towards Miles, Cena knew that they could not be more than friends. Cena has since resolved to joining Team Rocket to protect Ashley from whatever may happen to her while on the team. The two have since begun a relationship and are currently traveling together.

Achievements and Accomplishments

  • Kanto League
    • Cascade Badge
    • Rainbow Badge
  • Unova League
    • Legend Badge
    • Trio Badge
    • Basic Badge
    • Bolt Badge
    • Quake Badge
    • Beetle Badge


  • Alex Cena is portrayed by Cena on PokeTwitter.
  • Most of Alex's Pokemon are given relatively normal names, but some of them are references to video games, pop culture, or Cena's life:
  • Cena graduated early from High School so that he may take his Pokemon journey before college.
  • A story in the Cena family involving Team Rocket included the falsification that the team stole the beds of naughty children. This was meant as a tale to warn kids against being bad, but became reality when Grey and Giovanni decided to steal his bed as a practical joke. Cena has attempted to appeal for his bed back, to no avail.
  • Cena's current PokeGear is the HTC Athena, a "Pokedex phone" of the real Cena's own design. It runs Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) as its operating system, with a full Pokedex app that matches functionality with a standard Pokedex, and a 4.3 in screen with many other features native to Android smartphones and tablets. Originally set to be released two weeks before Cena got it, it was given to him as a gift for successfully bringing a package containing a Pokedex tablet computer to Silph Co. for final approval.

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