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Alex is slightly taller than the common Pikachu. However, the difference is subtle.
Species Pikachu
Age 17
Level 86
Types Electric-type.png
Gender Male
Home Hiraku's House
Trainer Hiraku
Carrying Modified Colt M1911,Balisong
Nature Unspecified

Alex is a Pikachu that appears on PokéTwitter.


Alex is calm, social, and very willing to help, even if the task is impossible for him to complete alone. He is known to be a risk taker, being on the edge of death many times before. He is not usually easily angered, but he is very protective of his close friends, and can be extremely violent to those who bring harm to them.


Not much is known about Alexs' past, but it is known that he is not originally from this planet. He arrived to the Johto region from the planet "Areisa" when his exploration teams' Palkia failed an attempt to warp Alex via interplanetary teleport. Alex had recently recruited Palkia to the team, and was eager to set out to the stars. Alex could have once been on various planets, or other unknown locations, since his weapon reads "Made in Germany" on the right side. His rescue team, Team Aperture, has always been known to take greater risks than they can handle. Luckly, most succeed.

After arriving in Ilex forest due to Palkias' failure, he was confused and didn't know where he was. A few days later a friendly Eevee by the name of "Shya" gave him a map, and showed him around Ilex forest. Alex spoke to the local Pokémon a bit, and, after hearing many rumors about the Viridian City gym, he decided it would be a good idea to set out and see for himself what the Gym was, and why it was spoken of so highly. So, he set out to the Kanto region, map in hand, and shortly upon arrival, Hiraku offered Alex a room in his house at Pallet town. He accepted, and eventually accepted another offer from Hiraku, in which Alex would no longer be a wild Pokémon, but would be one of Hirakus' own Pokémon. He has been living with him ever since. Alex was reunited with Shya, who happened to be his partner back on Areisa. Unfortunately, she suffered from amnesia during the trip, and remembers very little about her past.


Alexs' knowledge of fighting is vast, and he knows many fighting styles. He is headstrong and aggressive, trying never to let the opponent attack. He seems to have trouble fighting with Pokémon that possess high defence. Alexs' available moves are below*:

  • Thunderbolt
  • Volt Tackle
  • Thunder Wave
  • Nasty Plot
  • Iron Tail
  • Discharge

He may combine hand-to-hand with other moves or electricity to improvise attacks such as Thunderpunch.

Most of his statistics are higher than that of regular Pokémon, since he was living in a very harsh environment previously. Because of this, seemingly stronger Pokémon may have trouble fighting Alex.

Goals and Motives

Alex wanted to explore the universe ever since he recruited a Palkia into his exploration team. They had explored a few planets before, but Palkia attempted too large of a jump, resulting in Alex being stuck on this planet. He realizes this, and is trying to fit in with the local Pokémon. He ultimatly wants to get back to his own planet.


  • Alex is very protective of his headband, although it is unknown why.
  • He also enjoys playing Supreme Commander with Ryan The Buizel.
  • Alex is fond of Lightning storms.
  • Alex can store items in his mind by converting them into electricity. It is unknown how he does this, but it's freakin' sweet.