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Kazimer Majik
Its highly developed brain is on par with a supercomputer. It can use all forms of psychic abilities.
Species The Psi Pokemon
Age 16
Level 84
Types Psychic-type.png
Gender M
Home Smeargle Estates
Trainer Wild
Carrying none
Nature Unspecified



Kaz grew up with it all: money and power. His mom was a famous magician and his dad was a politician. He never saw his parents often, although he did put their money to good use. He used it on many projects to acquire an IQ of over 200. Many of the projects included items that made life easier, such as the remote-finder, the exact-o-change, at remote-finder finder, as well as some cross-genetic Pokemon, like omg_dizzlywink.

Early Adulthood

Kaz left home as soon as he was 7, and went traveling. he went to many science fairs, speeches, and even took a rocket to the moon. But he felt empty inside. He needed someone loose to balance he strictness for rules. Then he found Wobb. omg_wobbuffet and Kaz met by bumping into eachoter. Wobb was going to sell drugs to a client, Kaz was going to find the cure for griceitis. At once, the two knew they would be best of friends.


Kaz has met a woman, Wizzabelle, while he was on a business trip. The two currently date, and hope to marry and have children sometime in the future, but for now, just go out to "dinner-and-a-movie."

Kaz visting Hyrule


Kaz's first job was dealing drugs with Wobb. But, being morally just, he quit after 2 weeks. He then founded "Majik's Minors" which is an elementary school. As a matter of fact, Majik's Minors is one of the most top rated, and expensive, schools in all of Pokeworld.


Kaz has currently never been in any conflicts.

Social Life

Kaz was never socially unaccepted..... until he met Wobb. Wobb, striving to be different, is unaccented and shunned by many people. But that was what Kaz needed. He didn't want to get everything he wanted; he wanted to work for it. And so now, Kazimer Majik is a mix of social praise and ridicule.


Kaz is a wild Pokemon, although he is widely know throughout the Human World, so if he is ever seen, a Human would want his autograph before anything, especially shoving him into a PokeBall.


4 Basic Moves

  • Future Sight
  • Psychic
  • Destiny Bond
  • Teleport

Other Moves


Twitter Friends

Pichu is my biotch.
AwesomeAmpharos is my buddy.
Buizels is my pal.
AbomasnowDude is nice
Bellsprout is what i eat, but this one is cool.
AlexThePikachu is fine.
Charizard is my homie.
Croconaw is awesome.
I think Exploud thinks I'm a freak, but i like 'im.
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PokeonBreeder rocks my sockses.

My Bestest Friend Wobb

Kaz constantly is hanging out Wobb U. Ffet, omg_wobbuffet. They met because Wobb wanted to teleport, and Kaz could. they are now best friends. Due to a teleportation error, Kaz and Wobb's bodied mixed together, making Wobbukazat. Over time, the bodies split up, but the friends stayed together. Wobb is always pulling jokes, while Kaz is somewhat serious. The friends robbed a bank together, and saved SuperSmeargle.

Wobb and Kaz pose as Pokemon In Black

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