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Derp derpity derp derp~
Species Luxray
Age 5
Level 30
Types Electric-type.png
Gender Female
Home Everywhere
Trainer Wild
Carrying Marshmallows
Nature Quirky

"Sometimes everyone can be mean and sometimes everyone can be nice. Sometimes you can have a good day and sometimes you can have a bad day. But maybe more people would be okay if they thought about the fact that the best always comes after the worst."

The name "Viva" is of Hungarian origin. Derived from the Latin word "vivus", meaning "alive" or "full of life". It fits this bouncy little Luxray perfectly.


Viva is a good bit smaller than other Luxray. Her small size has caused her some trouble with bigger creatures in the past, including humans. Her fur is very fluffy, and she enjoys rubbing against things and rolling around in grass to make it more "puffy", as she says.


She's spunky, silly, lively and hyperactive. Viva is very seldom sad, but her feelings are hurt fairly easily. Though, she gets along with most everyone. Her hobbies consist mostly of finding ways to burn off extra energy. Often she can be found in an open place running and bouncing around. She also loves making new friends, and will go out of her way to get a smile on someone's face.

She's open-minded to almost everything, she is not one to judge a book by its cover, but she won't hesitate to point out obvious things. She will make it known if something bothers her, and will try to do it in a nice way. She isn't violent at all, but might attempt to zap someone if they anger her. There are few things that make her angry. One of these includes saying something mean about/towards her friends. She will not hesitate to call someone out.


You wouldn't think that she would have been through as much as she has. But her past most definitely wasn't as lively as she is.

She does not remember having a father, or any siblings. Her mother was all she had, but was captured by humans when Viva was younger. She has faint memories of her mother, and thinks of her from time to time. But she tries to see the positive in everything she can, and thinks that maybe she'll meet her again one day. She was left from there to fend for herself.

She managed to meet her own needs, and was able to become independent. She was still very small and weak, but luckily she never had any run-ins with trouble at that time. She would often scratch on doors of restaurants, PokeMarts, or just a person's house, and do something the humans enjoyed to get food. Most of the time she was able to get something out of it, what with how adorable she was. Other times... she wasn't as lucky.

She ran along a C-Gear one day on one of her travels through town, most likely dropped by a human. And that's where her account came into play.



Zip is a Jolteon, and was basically Viva's first real friend. They hit it off instantly, talking about their mutual love of running. They were loud and silly together, and soon became very close. He is her favorite Pokemon in the world. They got into a few small arguments, over nothing serious of course. Usually over who could run the fastest. But they've always made up. Viva often calls him by the nickname "Zippy", and he is "cooler than the flipside of her pillow", according to her. Recently, Viva set out on an adventure with Zip. After a while into it, Zip confessed his love to her, and they have been an "item" since. The two of them are quite the couple, but it's pretty obvious that they were meant to be.


The first addition to Zip and Viva's new family, Felix, is a shiny Shinx. He was born on January 10th, 2014. He is just as bouncy as his mother and as flighty as his father, and the two cherish him greatly.


Hiro is a human, and is one of the few Viva doesn't mind getting close to. They met first when Viva had a stomachache, and he gave her some Ginger Ale to help her feel better. She was hesitant about drinking it, but found that Hiro was very kind, unlike those that took her mother from her. She has since helped Hiro by babysitting some of the Pokemon he takes care of.

Ain't Even Lion!

  • Viva's account was made on June 9th, 2012.
  • Viva's birthday is July 4th.
  • If Viva is somewhere, the "Derp Song" is bound to follow.
  • Viva's favorite food is marshmallows.
  • Viva is scared of the dark and often can't sleep in complete darkness.