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She's just a little bit naive.
Species Typhlosion
Age 9
Level 92
Types Fire-type.png
Gender Female
Home Lake of Rage, Johto
Trainer William Doh Matsuki
Carrying Pink Marble
Nature Naive

Agnes is a Typhlosion under the ownership of William (commonly referred to as simply Will) Doh Matsuki of the Johto Elite Four. Agnes' name is derived from the Greek name Hagne, which means "pure."


Agnes is a tidbit on the plumper side, sporting a mildly chubby front and squatty thighs and legs. Her front and back paws are small and rather dainty-like in appearance and she is often seen walking about on her tiptoes like a child. During the different seasons of Johto, she can be seen wearing an assortment of accessories including knit scarfs, socks and "booties" (commonly known as wellies or rubber boots).


Agnes is rather naive and unknowing, often trusting in others far too easily. This is direct root to have never been considered "wild," and always depending on the care of human beings in her life. Regardless of her timid, and often odd mannerisms, Agnes is a very powerful fully evolved Typhlosion. Agnes has the mentality of a child, and is never without some sort of toy or doll to play with, which are usually provided by her companion Gregory Sikes Blackwall. Due to her slightly chubby appearance and her tendency to purr when receiving affection, she is very much like a house cat. She has a great love for chocolate and other such sweets. Agnes has a good spirit and a very loving personality, which is sometimes taken for granted. She has recently learned how to read and write, although she still often finds pleasure in a child's coloring book.


William Doh Matsuki

Although being well known for his specialty in Psychic-type Pokemon, William took a great liking to Agnes upon first meeting her, eventually catching her (as a Typhlosion) and becoming her trainer. Being a reserved, and often solemn individual, being Agnes' trainer sometimes proves to be a task. Her playful and childish mannerisms often counter William's bland and less-than-peppy ones, making the two a suitable ying-yang pair. Agnes adores William, and always refers to him as "Master," telling anyone who will listen that he is good, and smart and kind.

Gregory Sikes Blackwall

Gregory, against William's likings, horribly spoils Agnes, and gives her a large abundance of toys, treats and other such goodies. He is a good friend and companion to Agnes, although he isn't her trainer. Unlike William, who counters Agnes' immaturity, Gregory embraces it and encourages her "adorableness." He often calls her by his coined nickname for her, "Fluff butt." Gregory has since relocated to the Hoenn region to continue his duties as League Champion.


Volume I

Agnes was raised only a few levels (just enough to be able to minimally perform) after being hatched by a young breeder named Percy Newman in an Unovan daycare. Percy, wanting Agnes to be privileged with the experience of having a trainer, passed her on to Gregory Blackwall, a novice trainer from the Hoenn region who was undergoing the Unova Pokemon League Championships. Agnes traveled and battled with Gregory as he challenged the Unova Gym Leaders, eventually gaining the levels needed to fully evolve into a Typhlosion (despite Gregory never officially being her trainer) in battle against Gym Leader Bourgh. While in Nimbasa City, however, Agnes fell sick due a beginner trainer's mistake, and Gregory was fortunate enough to run into Professor Aurea Juniper, who treated Agnes' bout of sickness. Upon recovering, Agnes met Johto Elite Four member William Doh Matsuki at an outdoor market, finding him very likable and charming. She ended up bringing William back to the hotel room that she and Gregory stayed at, where Gregory developed an ill attitude towards William and Agnes' admiration for him.

Agnes as a Cyndaquil, a Quilava and finally evolved as a Typhlosion.

As Gregory continued his League Challenge, William accompanied him and Agnes, which caused Gregory's mood to sour even further. When they reached Driftveil City and came across Gym Leader Clay, William noticed Agnes' lack of control in battle (She fiercely bit and injured a wild Beartic that was robbing Clay's cold storage). He then realized her great potential, and also noted that Gregory was certainly not her trainer due to his inability to contain her during her attack. Soon afterwards, William challenged Agnes to a battle with his Starmie, telling her that if she lost, he would capture her and become her trainer. Despite Gregory's dismay, Agnes was captured and she became William's Pokemon.

Volume II

Gregory's jealousy and anger brewed into hate for William, and after claiming the title of Unova Champion within a matter of months, Gregory confronted William at his home in Johto to challenge him for Agnes' allegiance. Agnes, being devoted to her trainer, challenged Gregory and underwent battle with Gregory's Blaziken. William put an end to the battle, telling Gregory that the only outcome of it would be pain and regret, and all that Gregory was successfully doing was causing Agnes to be upset. Gregory withdrew his Blaziken from battle and offered his sincere apologies to Agnes, explaining that he wanted to be her trainer, and that he felt replaced. However, Gregory knew that William was the better trainer for her, because he noticed in his battle against William that Agnes had become amazingly powerful just within the months they were apart.

Gregory claimed residence with William in his home just off the Lake of Rage in order to continue his bond with Agnes. In time, he and William grew friendly towards one another on Agnes' behalf, and eventually the two made suitable friends.

Volume III

Upon receiving a letter in the mail from his father Gym Leader Norman Blackwall, Gregory was requested to return home to the Hoenn Region. William and Agnes accompanied him, soon learning that Gregory ran away to Unova in defiance. Gregory was forced by his father to be stripped of his Champion title and to undergo the Hoenn League Championships. Keeping his son occupied with the League, Norman revealed to William that he and Sam Birch, Jr., Gregory's childhood best friend and Professor Birch's son (as well as the Sootopolis Gym Leader), had been in search for and found a structure known as the Stone Tower (canon Sky Pillar). Explaining the legend behind the tower, Norman told William that he believed that the Tower held Sky Titan (canon Rayquaza), however the entrance to the tower was sealed, suggesting that a key would be needed to open it. Leaving Agnes with Gregory, William went in search for a way to open the Stone Tower.

Accompanying Gregory in his efforts to challenge the Hoenn Gym Leaders, Agnes aided him in battle against Gym Leaders Wattson, Winona and Flannery. Wattson explained to them that the Hoenn Champion, Steven Stone, had been missing for several weeks. Agnes, in her efforts to locate "Mister Stone" within the forest surrounding Fortree City, was ambushed and captured by a handful of Team Magma grunts who were being instructed by a Magma Admin by the name of Lee Zhao. Lee took Agnes to the Magma hideout in hopes of drawing in William, who at that time successfully located the key to the Stone Tower. While being held captive, the powerful psychic Mysteria (who previously attacked and greatly wounded William in Volume II) revealed herself to Agnes, explaining that she crafted Admin Lee from the legends surrounding Rayquaza's imprisonment in the Stone Tower. She explained that Lee had "divine" abilities (she referred to him as the "Fe Long") and that she believed that Lee could master and control Rayquaza for her, but to do so, the key must be brought to her. Agnes was rescued when William and Gregory stormed the Magma hideout. In their escape, they were crossed by Magma Admins Lee and Courtney who challenged them to battle in order to take the key from William, however they ultimately failed to do so.

As William and Agnes traveled with Gregory to Mossdeep City, William allowed Agnes to carry the key of the Stone Tower, a shimmering orb known as the Jade Orb. William explained that only the Hero of Hoenn could open the Tower with the Orb during a time of destruction and disaster, and with the Orb in hand, the Hero could command Rayquaza. Agnes claimed that the Jade Orb would speak to her, despite William and Gregory's disbelief. She ended up developing a strong attachment to the Orb, further naming it "Vir," and not allowing it out of her sight. However, Agnes was forced to give it up when Steven Stone made his appearance in Sootopolis at the break of the foretold disaster. In Steven's company, the Jade Orb illuminated, suggesting that Champion Steven was the Hero of Hoenn. As Steven and Gregory left via Skarmory to the Stone Tower, Agnes and William battled against Mysteria and Magma Admin Courtney as Magma Leader Maxie Matsubusa and Magma Admin Lee woke the Titans Groudon and Kyogre from within the Cave of Origins and forced them into battle. Upon Gregory and Steven's return with the freed Rayquaza, the Titans' battle was interrupted and Rayquaza revealed to Lee that even in the circumstances of being the Fe Long (canon Draconid Lorekeeper Zinnia), the one keeper of the Sky Titan, he could not command or master it. With Gregory's command (the actual Hero of Hoenn), Rayquaza calmed the Titans and defeated Mysteria.

Agnes and William accompanied Gregory in his Elite Four challenge in Ever Grande City, where he triumphed and claimed the title of Hoenn Champion. Steven Stone gifted Agnes with the Jade Orb upon her depart with William and Gregory back to the Johto region.

Volume IV

On a chilly and rainy evening in November, Agnes discovered and brought home a Charmander by the name of Lily who had retrieved an unhatched Pokemon egg (at the time unknown species) from a group of illegal poachers. Agnes tried to keep Lily hidden, however Gregory soon caught onto them. In their efforts to return the egg back to the nest in which the poachers stole from, Lily ended up evolving into a Charmeleon, befriending Agnes and gaining great trust and admiration in Gregory (later becoming his Pokemon). As the Christmas season neared, Agnes began to notice a hissing voice throughout William's home. The voice took notice to her, and offered to grant her wishes and to make her very happy if she could help free him. The voice explained that it was trapped and needed help. In its convincing, the voice brought Agnes into a conscious dreamland of some sorts where she was wooed with fancy material items. The dream was dissolved, however when a demonic version of William appeared. The demon lookalike, which called itself Terror, explained that he was held captive as well, within William's mind, and since they were in a fake and imaginary world, he could walk about freely, but only in this imaginary land. The voice, threatened by Terror's appearance, vanished and the dreamland came to an end.

Within time, William revealed the voice to be coming from Gregory's half-possessed mind. The possessor, Giratina, made itself known and explained that Gregory had foolishly allowed a piece of its spirit to make contact several months prior when (at the time) Unova Champion Gregory was called upon by International Police officer "Looker" to examine a crack in the barrier that enclosed the passage way to the Distortion World at the summit of Mt. Coronet (Volume II). Giratina seized Gregory's body and entered into battle with William, Agnes and Lily. During this time, Terror spoke to William and told him that if he "turned over" his body to him, he would stop Giratina without killing Gregory. William allowed the switch, causing William's body to take on a demon-like appearance under Terror's consciousness. Threatened by Terror once again, Giratina's spirit fled by means of Gregory's body. Terror suspected that Giratina took it to Mt. Coronet in order for Giratina to fully free itself from its prison.

Agnes and Lily accompanied Terror to Mt. Coronet, where Agnes was commanded by Terror despite Lily's mistrust in him. Calling Agnes stupid, Lily told Agnes that Terror was untrustworthy and was only saving Gregory for his own gain. At Mt. Coronet's summit, Spear Pillar, Terror and Giratina underwent battle as Lily tried to stop Agnes from aiding Terror. In the struggle, Lily evolved into a Charizard and challenged Agnes. During their battles, Terror was able to free Gregory from Giratina's hold by carving out a small crystal that was lodged into Gregory's forehead from the initial exposure. Giratina's spirit was forced back into the realm of Distortion World and as promised, Terror withdrew and gave William back the control of his body.

Volume V

Unbeknownst to Agnes, Terror, William's inner demon, began to snap William of his health by means of a fragment of crystal robbed from Giratina-puppet Gregory (Volume IV). Finally with William too sickly and weak to prevent it, Terror broke free of his imprisonment buried within William's mind and took hold of William's body. With William's consciousness locked away and Terror's control on the body, Terror was successful in capturing Agnes' mind and seizing control of her behavior. Poisoned with Terror's darkness, Agnes became a terrifying killer. Driven by her madness, Agnes brutally slaughtered a human child before being commanded by Terror to kill Rocket Leader Giovanni, in which Agnes was successful.

Agnes poisoned by Terror's dark hold.

Terror fled with Agnes to the Ilex Forest where he commanded Agnes to hunt down and destroy the Spirit of the Forest (canon, Celebi). After Terror drew it out by ringing the Spirit's chime, Agnes attacked Celebi, fatally wounding it by ripping into its shoulder with a horrible crunching bite. Before Agnes could inflict more damage, she was interrupted by Gregory and Lily. Sick with pain in seeing Agnes in her current state, Gregory commanded Lily to defeat her. Terror, too, commanded Agnes to fight, but also to kill Lily, and Agnes attacked, using sharp teeth to strike at her, who was hesitant in bringing Agnes harm. This gave Agnes the heavy advantage in the battle, and Agnes was successful in injuring Lily. Killing Celebi (it died from its wounds) and defeating Lily, Agnes' mind started to crumble and fold. With all of Terror's darkness flooding her mind and soul, Agnes fell to the ground, and her body began to rot away. This frightened Terror, as he never intended to cause Agnes harm. Guilt took him over and with a cry in agony, Terror surrendered over the body and retreated.

William gained consciousness in time to witness Agnes' body begin to rot into the ground and helpless to stop it, he began to weep. He was calmed upon seeing the Legendary North Wind, Suicune approach and step to Agnes. Blowing a breath on her body, the Typhlosion that she was turned to ash, giving way to a Cyndaquil; Suicune revived Agnes with a new form with no memory of the darkness that was forced upon her. After reviving Agnes, Suicune used its breath to also return Celebi's life and heal Lily's wounds.

Volume VI

Agnes had no recollection of the events during which Terror held onto her mind. As a fresh baby once again, She required great care and patience. She remained close to both William and Gregory, often being carried in a baby wrap of sorts. Chaos struck as the Legendary Trio Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres stormed the skies over Johto. Knowing that their behavior was influenced by a powerful source, William, along with baby Agnes, Gregory and Lily, traveled to Tohjo Falls. There, they discovered a young man named Mordecai Thompson tending to The Gatekeeper's (canon, Raikou) injuries. Mordecai explained to them that Raikou was injured in battle against a "witch" who tried to enter the gates to the "Old Kingdom." William suspected the said witch was Mysteria and suggested that her trespassing into the kingdom of old was not received well by the Bird Trio, thus their rage. With Raikou's permission, William and company entered through the gates.

Inside was a ruin of what was once amazing and glamorous kingdom. William explained that the ruins was once "the Kingdom" and a race of people gifted with powerful psychic lived beyond the gates. He further explained that the race had since been eliminated. Upon reaching a destroyed temple, William paused, requesting for the others to hold their place as he entered with Agnes snug in a wrap against his chest. She watched as he walked through a large dome-ceilinged room and to a platform. Sitting on the platform was an opened steel box. He touched it, his mind going into a type of shiver. He cried out in pain, sweeping the box off the platform, and encouraging the others to enter the temple in concern. Agnes noted that the crests engraved in the large double doors on the opposite side of the room began to glow, asking William to take her to them. Collecting himself, he did as she asked, and the doors opened to him. As the dust settled, a figure stepped out to him. Startled, William dropped to his knees. The figure was Lord Mewtwo accompanied by Lord Mew, who have not shown themselves for many centuries.

The company was informed that as a young adult, William had lived among people, the Seinaruhito (commonly referred to as the Voltaire), and when The Gods of the Sun and Sea (canon Ho-oh and Lugia) raged war upon each other, The Kingdom was destroyed in the process. In order to prevent the death of his people, young William opened the sealed box prison holding a demon entity, requesting it to frighten off Lugia and Ho-oh. Instead, the demon latched itself to William, taking over his body and making it its own, and slaughtered the people of The Kingdom. Lord Mewtwo informed William that he and his demon, Terror, could live together in peace and instead of using the body as a prison, the two could share it. By touching William's forehead, Lord Mewtwo gave William the insight needed to eventually overcome his dark past. As Lord Mewtwo retracted his hand, a great explosion encouraged the group to exit the temple. The Bird Trio was attacking. Lords Mewtwo and Mew aided Gregory, riding on Lily's back, in an aerial battle against them. William (and baby Agnes) was left to fend off Mysteria, who was exposed to be another member of the Seinaruhito. She and William entered physical-psychic combat (William's psychic taking on a purple color and Mysteria's a green), something William had not done in many years. With Raikou's strength recovered, it too entered battle and aided William until eventually the battle was won. With Mysteria's flee, the quarrel settled and the Bird Trio calmed and flew their separate ways. Lord Mewtwo offered his blessing to the group and said his farewell. Raikou promised that it would continue to protect the Old Kingdom from harm.


  • Significant time and minor happenings have passed from the Volumes history to the Arcs History. One set of histories does not necessarily compliment the other.

The Leighton Arc

Agnes, once again a fully evolved Typhlosion for some time now, has lived with Master William and (for a small bit of time before relocating permanently to the Hoenn region in order to better conduct his Champion duties) Gregory in William's large estate off the shore of the Lake of Rage. There, Agnes has had free roam of the surrounding forest and has come into contact with multiple Pokemon including a wild Garvantula that she referred to as "Mister Fluffy," and multiple legendary Pokemon that came to William's bonsai garden (off the west side of the estate) to rest during travel. During this time, the existence of Mega Stones was discovered and Agnes desperately wanted to be able to have a Stone of her own after seeing Lily with hers (gifted by Steven Stone). With the lack of discovery of a Typhlosionite, Agnes settled for a pink marble in which she merely pretended was a Mega Stone that she could mega evolve with.

While playing near the shore with her Typhlosion plushie, Agnes came across a lost Espeon named Leighton, and brought her home to meet Master William. As time passed, Leighton became a member of the household and William trained her as a member of his Pokemon team. Like Agnes, Leighton chose to remain outside of her Ultraball.

The Thunder Beastie and Zorro: Part I Arc

Agnes had fallen under the impression that Raikou (previously named the Gatekeeper in the Volume VI history), or so she referred to as "the Thunder Beastie" was lost due to the frequent occurrence of thunderstorms in the area. As such, she ventured from the manor and through the surrounding forest in order to locate it. Bombbird, a pesky (at the time, but has since evolved) Murkrow, occasionally followed Agnes, where she explained to him that the Forest Spirit might have trapped the Thunder Beastie back in time via the chimes at its forest shrine. On her search, she was approached by a black Charizard with a white striped pattern. He called himself Zorro and he attempted to harass Agnes into battle with him even though she refused to engage. She fed Zorro information that she was a captured Pokemon and had a human trainer, in which Zorro took and fled.

Zorro later returned with a Houndoom partner, his brother Malus. The two attacked Agnes, forcing her into battle. Although powerful, Agnes was no match against the two together and she was defeated with great injuries. Zorro informed her that they were going to find her trainer and kill him so that Agnes had no choice but to assist them in eliminating human life. The interaction was interrupted by William, who taunted Zorro into attacking. With his attack, William handed the body to his inner demon (and friend) in order for the battle to be more evenly matched. Terror was swift and with the body under his command, any wounds healed within seconds of being inflicted. Zorro saw Terror for what he was and ceased attack, begging for Terror to choose him as a vessel instead of William. Terror took the offer and while his conscious was still chained to William's body, Terror leaped from William and into Zorro, kidnapping his body and pursuing Malus in flight deep into the forest with a maniacal laugh. William drew Agnes within her Ultraball so that she could receive medical attention.

The Shamouti: Part I Arc

Agnes' injuries healed after several weeks. While in the forest, Agnes was approached by a female Gardevoir named Sky. She asked Agnes if she could speak to her trainer, William, about something important. Believing that the Gardevoir actually knew William, she brought Sky with her to William's estate and showed her to William's private study. In truth, the Gardevoir was hiding Malus in her shadow and went to seek help from Master William and his demon, Terror (since returned to William's mind). She had hoped if Malus remained hidden that William would agree to go with her to Shamouti Island to defeat a monster by the name of Susuraku that had taken Zorro hostage since his attack on Agnes. William saw through her cover and pulled Malus from her shadow, demanding the two to leave his property. Biting his pride, Malus apologized to William for injuring Agnes and promised him that no harm would come to her, and that a powerful treasure known as the Catalyst Crystal would be his to keep if he assisted them. William agreed and after handing the body to Terror, he and Agnes (kept within her Ultra Ball for easier travel) joined Sky and Malus en route for Shamouti.

While on Shamouti Island, Terror assisted a handful of Pokemon, namely a Blaziken named Torch, in searching for Zorro. While searching in a distorted dimension, Torch came across an egg that seemed valuable to him, but dangerous to many others. Wanting to destroy it, Terror entered a quick battle with Torch, in which Torch smacked him in the jaw and caused Terror to temporarily forfeit. Agnes too inquired about the egg, asking Torch if she could sniff it and hold it. Torch asked her if she believed Terror to be trustworthy and she told him that even though Terror is different, he ultimately meant well.

Zorro, somehow escaping the monster during a stormed attack on the monster's domain, managed to locate Agnes while she was alone on the island's beach. Scared of him at first, Agnes threatened to attack him. Zorro insisted that he would do her no harm and explained to her that he was not himself when he did attack her and offered an apology. The two grew close and after an evening together, Agnes and Zorro mated. This upset Sky, causing her to vanish from the island.

Weeks had passed and within that time, Zorro left the island and in turn, left Agnes behind.

The Zorro: Part II Arc

William became determined to fashion Agnes a Typhlosionite. After attempting to gain the needed power substance from multiple sources (namely having Terror attack Torch for the Catalyst Crystal), William finally came across a large enough substance to fuse with a Fire Stone to manipulate into a False Typhlosionite. During this time, Agnes encountered an Arcanine named Vaughn while venturing the forest surrounding William's estate in order to locate the Fountain of Youth. The two ended up mating before Agnes returned home. Upon her return, William gave Agnes her Typhlosionite, and insisted that she challenge Zorro to battle her and defeat him, ultimately killing him, for breaking her heart.

Agnes in her mega evolved state under the influence of the False Typhlosionite.

William and Agnes approached Zorro on a small country road in Sinnoh where snowfall was prevalent. There, William commanded Agnes to mega evolve by means of the False Typhlosionite he had forged for her. She mega evolved into False Mega Typhlosion and attacked Zorro, gravely injuring him in the process. Despite her hurt feelings towards Zorro for leaving her behind, Agnes could not bring herself to end Zorro's life. Disappointed in both herself and William, she requested that the two return home.

The Zorro: Part III and Shamouti: Part II Arc

Feeling ashamed for what she had done to Zorro, Agnes decided she needed to locate him to apologize for harming him. In her venture, she came across Vaughn once again, mating with him for the second time. Vaughn agreed to help Agnes find Zorro, and using his scent on a pink seashell Zorro had previously given Agnes, Vaughn pointed Agnes to Shamouti Island. Upon arriving, Agnes called out for Zorro in her search. Instead of finding Zorro, Agnes was approached by Sky, who was angered by Agnes' presence on the island after apparently rendering Zorro speechless with the accumulation of his injuries. Sky told Agnes that she and Zorro were mates and that Agnes was not to see Zorro. Defending herself to Sky, Agnes explained that while she had the right to be upset by Zorro's leave, she had made a mistake and also deserved the right to make amends. Disgruntled by Agnes' words, Sky chose to let Agnes continue her search for Zorro.

After another day of searching, Agnes managed to find Zorro. Just as Sky told Agnes, Zorro was unable to speak properly. At first, Zorro did not want Agnes near him out of fear for her. However, upon her apology, Zorro took pity on her hurt feelings and forgave her. He brought Agnes to his old home, a small cabin where he grew up with his mother, a Lucario, and his foster father, the Holy Pope Slowking, who had recently passed away. Agnes was informed that the Holy Pope was a significant figure and that his funeral would be held within a few weeks. Agnes decided to stay with Zorro and Sky (who was still displeased with Agnes) until after the Pope's funeral.

The Pokemon League Championships Arc

Agnes returned to Johto in order to assist William in his Pokemon League Championship battles. During one of her matches (her opponent being an Ampharos that used its Mega Stone to mega evolve into Mega Ampharos), Agnes lost herself and initiated her own mega evolution by means of her False Typhlosonite and William's Keystone. In her false mega evolved state, she brutally attacked the Mega Ampharos in front of thousands of people present in the stadium and millions worldwide on National television. William's challenger was able to save his Pokemon by withdrawing it from battle, and Champion Lance contained Agnes by withdrawing her into a Master Ball. This resulted in Agnes' confinement and William's immediate arrest.

Agnes' lawyer, a lame Ivysaur named Quentin, requested the False Typhlosionite for further study and aided Agnes in her court trial where she was declared as not guilty by the jury. William's court decision reflected similar results, however, it seemed that Champion Lance had to manipulate the case in order for him to walk away without charges. William and Agnes were able to return home, now with the Master Ball that Champion Lance had captured Agnes in and without the False Typhlosionite now in Champion Cynthia's custody.


  • Agnes' bout of illness in Nimbasa was brought on by the static of the heavy sand streams of the Desert Resort on her fur coat. William ended up using this to teach Agnes Thunder Punch, an attack she used on Gregory's Blaziken during their battle.
  • William ended up catching Agnes in an Ultra Ball, however Agnes doesn't like to be withdrawn into it. William keeps it on hand, but he allows Agnes to remain outside of it unless necessary. Since the events in the Pokemon League Championships Arc, Agnes' Ultra Ball has been replaced with a Master Ball.
  • Agnes' notable attacks include Thunder Punch, Extrasensory, Eruption and Lava Plume. She knows many more, however. Because Extrasensory is an egg move, it is implied that either Agnes' grandfather or father was a Ninetales. It is known that Agnes' mother was a Typhlosion.
  • Agnes' favorite color is pink.
  • Agnes' birthday is April 19th.
  • In her false mega evolved state, Agnes' typing is changed to Fire/Dark. While mega evolved, she is able to utilize the attacks Dark Pulse, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang and Crunch.
  • Agnes' handle is defined as "expert in explosions or fireworks."