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Fate is something we decide with our hearts and not our destinies.
Species Latios
Age Ageless
Level 75
Types Dragon-type.png Psychic-type.png
Gender M
Home Forina
Trainer Wild
Carrying None
Nature Calm


A creature from a time forgotten who sounds much, much older than he actually is. He's grown tired of hiding and now enjoys a peaceful and sociable life of freedom.


Aero is terribly polite and is older than he looks. He's also quite wise and enjoys making new friends and helping others whenever he can. His psychic abilities are advanced like many latios' and he has the tendency to read the minds of others out of habit. He tries to get along with pretty much everyone. Aero also adores children and can become overprotective of them at times.

Since being a Meowstic, Aero has gained a better sense of humor, though he can still be quite oblivious when it comes to certain jokes or social customs, such as wearing a maid dress as a Meowstic without really knowing what he was implying by wearing it.



That's a secret. But Aero's willing to share that he does have a latias sister who he hasn't talked to in a long time.


Aero quickly came across his old friend Scizor when he first joined twitter and talked with his friend briefly before, by Scizor's request, going to meet the bug-type's friend, a ditto named Koza. While rusty with social interactions, Aero quickly became accustomed to speaking with those who weren't psychic-types and befriended Koza, especially while Koza had turned into a young lugia. During this time, Aero also came to know a collector called Jirarudan, who he found to be very curious for a human.

Since then Aero has met a good many Pokemon until falling into a sudden state of hibernation. After waking up, he suddenly changed into a male Meowstic for an unknown reason. He was then taken under the care of Stitch and Isabella in Forina and given the name "Dusky". After suddenly blacking out once again, Aero woke in his subconscious, discovering that his conscious, instinctive self now had control over his body. After struggling to control his body with Koza's help, Aero eventually discovered that an old friend of his Darkrai, was trying to take over Aero's body. Darkrai, jealous of Aero's new-found happiness, was trying to make Aero miserable. Aero and Koza teamed up to force Darkrai out of Aero's body. Aero managed to convince Darkrai, whose mind teetering on insanity, to leave.

For a brief while Aero lived with Stitch the Banette and Isabella the Armaldo in their cave in Forina. He was given a maid costume by Stitch and wore it, happily accepting the gift. He was then accepted as a resident of Forina.

Aero then left to find medicine for Mystica the Meowstic, a close friend of Koza whose illness was getting worse. He eventually wound up stranded in Kalos, where he briefly talked to Cragma the Blaziken. After getting advice on how to return to Forina, Aero set off to find a ride back over the ocean.

Unfortunately for Aero, he mysteriously ended up on a beach about five months after speaking to Cragma. Exhausted and confused, he managed to drag himself to a forest nearby the shore and climb a tree, where he fell asleep. He awoke days later to a mysterious light. In the light, he caught a glimpse of a myserious, odd looking Gardevoir before being changed back into his original Latios self. His gift from Stitch in tatters, Aero tied a scrap of the outfit to his left arm so that the outfit did not go to complete waste.

Aero then ran into Hadezat the Latios and learned that the Latios and Latias race was in decline. Aero became distressed and wondered briefly how his own friends were doing. Hadezat adviced that Aero find them so that he would no longer be alone. Aero agreed and bid the Latios farewell, flying off wondering if he could find his friends and maybe, just maybe, his sister.