A Wild Alakazam

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A Wild Alakazam
What is a man, just a miserable pile of pokeballs.
Species Alakazam
Age 19
Level 68
Types Psychic-type.png
Gender Male
Home Route 24
Trainer None
Carrying Stolen Laptop
Nature Unspecified

A Wild Alakazam that obtained his laptop from an unfortunate trainer that though his Magicarp could get come easy leveling. He has taken a liking the 'internet' and is addicted to news regurgitation site like reddit.com and twitter.

Attacks & Abilities


A Natural Skill Alakazam has adapted into more of an aggressive 'Battleport'. This makes the teleport around the enemy to get an advantage in battle. The cost is that it requires a massive amount of energy to continuously use it.


A skill that was taught by his parents at a young age. It is the most powerful attack in Alakazam's arsenal. This is the standard blast of psychic energy. The Alakazam race has a powerful link to psychic powers and it allows this Alakazam to decimate it's opponents.

Energy Ball

An Egg Move passed down through his father's bloodline. It was a hereditary move that is held sacred in his family. This grass type move used psychic powers to hit the opponent with a power blast of earthen energy.

Signal Beam

The last move in Alakazam's arsenal is the Bug type attack; Signal Beam. This is a powerful attack is super effective against the only major weakness of Alakazam, Dark types. It is perform by Alakazam pointing his hand out like a gun, and firing.


Inner Focus - Gives a pokemon faster speed when it has flinched.


Known for being 'wild' at most parties, Alakazam has found himself in a bad situation. After being knocked out at a party, due to rare candy abuse, he found out he had swallowed an ever stone, forcing him to be an Alakazam for a while.

The Rocket-Raid

It is believed this Alakazam was the the Rocket-Raid in Cerulean Forest on Jun 5th, 2000. The resulting disaster wiped out the psychic pokemon encampment in the area. It is believed that few survives know what happened, but as of today, no one has retold the story.The night before the 'Rocket-Raid' 20 large Team Rocket airships were moving into an unknown area of the forest, and about 30 min later at 12:27 am a .5 megaton blast caused a massive crater riddled with psychic energy. No survives were reported and the damaged was irreversible for 4 years.

Alakazam tells the story as : "About 3 weeks and 10 years ago, a spoink found a passed out human about a mile from our camp. She took the human back, and without the village's permission, nursed him back to health. When we found out the human was gone. Then ten years ago, the human came back. The spoink raced out to greet the human. The human had an R on his chest now. When the Spoink had raced out to meet him, a Nidoking hyperbeemed it into oblivion. Seconds later the village was under attack on all sides. The children were trying to escape. Most of the abra, and Alakazam could teleport away but, the rest weren't even captured. They were simply blasted away but the attacks. I refused to leave, but my parents forced me to go. So i teleported behind a building. I wanted to fight against the evil intruders. I watched as my family fought against the mass of dark pokemon. One by one they fell to a Weavile's claw or to a Houndoom's bite. The village burned as the elders, including my parents were left standing. I saw the action die down for a second before a single pokemon, covered in metal stood out from the enemy's side. He was a psychic, you could feel his energy from all angles, but it was different. One single blast turned Samuel to stone another shattered him to bits. I teleported to my parents, and the tall metal like pokemon raised his paw. A dark energy pulsed from his three fingers. My parents saw me in the way, and blocked the attack. My mother used a reflect, to try and stop the blast, but it was too strong. The last thing I can remember was my father using my powers to teleport me away. I awoke untop of a church in Sinnoh. Hours had passed while I was unconscious. When I returned, all that was left was a crater. My father's spoons were left in the ground, where he stood when he teleported me away."

His parents were an Alakazam named 'Jezroun' and a Gardeviour named 'Nelinda'. Although they cannot breed directly, a ditto was used to combine the DNA of both pokemon into A Wild Alakazam.

Going Home

After training User:Yungerer she had helped him get back into the colony. He also developed a relationship with her. This all began after Selena's training was complete. When she returned home, she told of Telly, and the colony began to accept him back. He met with the members of the colony and began to plan with them. Finally when a majority of the colony wanted to let him come back, he confronted the elders. After little debate, he was accepted back in, and was a welcome member of the colony.


Weeks before evolving Alakazam's dreams started to turn evil, involving a weavile, and his death. Although it was not clear, the final dream probably accurately depicted Alakazam's last moments as an abra. During the Rocket takeover of Kanto/Johto, Alakazam had confronted his Weavile Friend. During the battle he was cut deeply into the stomach causing the everstone to fall out and allow him to evolve. With his new evolution he was able to knock the Weavile out and return to Viridian.


Likes & Dislikes

A Wild Alakazam likes the old metal bands like magnet-allica and ArceusC-DeoxisC. He hates the newer forms of poke-rock, and hate the human 'pop' music genre.


A Wild Alakazam's opinion of humans is VERY low. Due to unknown reasons, he trys to completely avoid humans, and if one was to try an catch Alakazam, that human would disappear indefinably. This disposition is probably linked to the Rocket-Raid.

After that Alakazam's Views on humans began to change when he communicated with them more. He learned that all humans arn't bad, and even had two humans trade him, so he could evolve.