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Pokemon Trainer Gold

Gold's Twitter: Gold2.jpeg

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Home: Goldenrod City, Johto

From: New Bark Town, Johto

Current Location: Roaming Hoenn

Pokemon Owned: Typhlosion, Meganium, Raichu, Mantine, Remoraid, Noctowl, Meowth, Aipom, Sudowoodo, Sunflora, Politoed, Togepi, Murkrow, Eevee, Beedrill, Poliwhirl, Victreebel, Snorlax, Teecko.

Gold is Pokemon Trainer from New Bark town who's starter Pokemon was a Cyndaquil received from Prof. Elm at his lab and has a special skill for hatching and bringing put the full potential of baby pokemon due to growing up with pokemon his whole life. He loves making new friends and is a very athletic, cool and friendly guy. Gold carries his adjustable Scooter for fast movement on suitable areas and wears his Goggles when riding. He carries them in his backpack when not in use. Gold also loves listening to his music in his Earphones on his PokeGear music app or listening to his favorite idol DJ Mary on the Radio app broadcasting from Goldenrod City Radio station.


Gold's main Twitter pals: http://twitter.com/#!/AleuKetchum http://twitter.com/#!/MistyCerulean http://twitter.com/#!/Trainer_Ryan http://twitter.com/#!/kingbrandon911


Gold has an energetic personality both during battles and outside of them. He has a habit of saying "You rock and you rule!" or "OK! Perfect!" (Jimmy's Catch Phrase) to his Pokémon and giving them a thumbs-up after winning a battle. He can be quick to jump to conclusions but also knows when to be serious and get a job done.

Interests and Hobbies

Gold is into Skateboarding, Video Games, Anime and Manga (hes basically an Otaku), Music (Rap, Rock, Anime/Video Game OSTs), and the sport Boxing.

Party Pokeballll!.jpeg

157.png Typhlosion (Male) Nature: Brave

Gold's Starter Pokemon Typhlosion is a brave and jolly pokemon that loves tearing up his bed sheets or any other related items, apart from this habit, Typhlosion is a very reliable, powerful and persistent partner.

71.png Victreebel (Male) Nature: Calm

Gold's Victreebel likes to consume Golds his belongings and can be very annoying, like eating Gold's Items etc. Apart from this, Victreebel is very dominant in battle, and can be a very scary opponent.

61.png Poliwhirl (Female) Nature: Brave

Gold's Poliwhirl for some strange reason loves "Normal" type Pokemon, and likes to "harass" them. And I do mean sexually...Apart from that, Gold's Poliwhirl is very intelligent and is a powerful swimmer.

252.png Treecko (Male) Nature: Lax

Gold's Treecko is somewhat a slacker who loves to smoke weed on a daily basis. Apart from this, Gold's Treecko doesn't really like to battle but is very quick on its feet.

Pokemon In Storage PC

190.pngAipom (Male) 143.pngSnorlax (male)

175.pngTogepi (Female) 15.pngBeedrill (Male)

186.pngPolitoed (Male) 198.pngMurkrow (Male)

192.pngSunflora (Male)

185.pngSudowoodo (Male)

133.pngEevee (male)

1544.pngMeganium (Female)

164.pngNoctowl (Male)

226.pngMantine (Male)

223.pngRemoraid (Male)

52.pngMeowth (Female)

26.pngRaichu (Male)

Current Badges


Johto- 8