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Cute, eh?
Species Drifloon
Level 19
Types Ghost-type.png Flying-type.png
Gender Male
Home Wandering in and around Floroama town, Sinnoh
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified

1Drifloon is a small Drifloon who reguarly 'tweets' on Twitter. Rumour has it that he is the Drifloon that visits the Valley Windworks every Friday.


Latest Tweets

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Early Life

Drifloon was originally from a forest near Hearthome City, living with his family of other Drifloons and Drifblims. When he got older, he decided to go elswhere from the forest, and ended up living in Floroma. He lived in the forest near the back of the town.

Life Up Until Now

Drifloon was comfortable living in the forest and occasionally visiting the town, but then decided to wander through the whole area, including the Fuego Ironworks, the Valley Windworks and the Routes above the town. Rumour has it that he is the Drifloon that visits the Valley Windworks every Friday.

The 'Floon that is 1Drifloon

Personality and Friends

1Drifloon is a relatively calm Drifloon, not being threatened or prey for any other Pokemon. He has met several different Pokemon, and has made several friends, too. His two main friends are:

He also sometimes chats to


  • Moveset:
    • Shadow Ball
    • Ominous Wind
    • Hypnosis
    • Dream Eater
  • Likes:
    • Children
    • Amp
    • Flowers
    • The Beatles
  • Dislikes:
    • Police
    • Bug-Types
    • Dr. Oak
    • Rejection


Not much has happened on Twitter for 1Drifloon, as he has just recently joined. But here remarkable happenings will be recorded, and hopefully kept in 1Drifloon's memories.

The Amp Incident

On Thursday 13th, August 2009, 1Drifloon was talking to GoldenCharizard normally, when 1Drifloon brought up that he had drank some 'humans' fizzy drinks'. GoldenCharizard replied, and they went into what seemed like a normal, hyper, conversation, until it ended up that many things happened. This conversation included 1Drifloon, GoldenCharizard, ShinyWooper and AlexThePikachu, though 1Drifloon mainly just talked to Shiny Wooper and GoldenCharizard.