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Yüki Terumi is a trainer currently traveling through Unova.


Early Life

Not much is known of Terumi's life before he arrived in Unova. He is very silent on his past and to this day casually deflects any questions regarding his life before he became a trainer.

Travels in Unova

Upon arriving in Unova, Terumi took an immediate interest in Pokemon and spent money on a Pokéball, which he shortly used to capture a Patrat. Afterwards, he went to Wellspring Cave and captured a Drilbur. Unfortunately, while attempting to train both Pokémon in the wild, he attacked a young Purrloin who's parents greatly harmed Terumi, forcing him to stay in the hospital briefly. After being released, Terumi took an extended camping trip into Pinwheel Forest. He is currently in Castelia City, where he has spent time fishing and caught a Wailmer.


Terumi is five feet tall, eleven inches. He has a slightly tanned complexion, and generally has his eyes closed or hidden. His outfit is usually described as "shifty"; He wears a trenchcoat over a white shirt and tie, with his face consistently hidden by the hat he wears. He tends to slouch somewhat when resting, concealing his face even further. He is somewhat slender, although his slouch sometimes hides this.


Terumi usually gives off a very relaxed, aloof attitude. He is also very sarcastic at times, proclaing himself a Troll. He rarely takes things seriously, sometimes resulting in accidents at his expense. Generally, Terumi is very friendly, although is somewhat secretive when it comes to his past. Terumi treats his Pokémon as friends, often allowing them to travel outside of their Pokéballs. He is allergic to cats, and adores hard-boiled eggs.



Gender: Male, Ability: Keen Eye, Moveset: Screech, Detect, Bite, Flail

The first Pokemon Terumi caught, Patrat was originally abandoned by his initial trainer as a child. As such, he is very distrustful of strangers. Patrat enjoys the fun he has with his trainer, however, and is the first to jump aboard when Terumi makes decisions. Patrat does act as a bad influence, however, suggesting Terumi take less-than-legal solutions to problems.


Gender: Male, Ability: Sand Force, Moveset: Rapid Spin, Metal Claw, Mud Dlap, Hone Claws

Terumi's second Pokemon was captured in Wellspring Cave. Drilbur is often exasperated by his trainer's actions, but will follow along regardless. He is also Terumi's primary battling Pokemon, and as such boasts the strength to defend his trainer when necessary. Unlike mist Ground-Type Pokemon, Drilbur is an exceptionally skilled swimmer.