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Lol! Ur Just as stupid as me!
Species Ambipom
Age 6/9/97
Types Normal-type.png
Gender M
Home GoldenCharizard's Awesome hotel!
Trainer Wild
Carrying Power Bracer
Nature Unspecified

Birth And Childhood

Ambipom was born a few years ago in a small Route in Johto.Living with his mum and dad,he wanted to achieve his full potential as a gym leader's apprentice but that dream was cut short.His Dad was in an aggresive battle with a mighty machamp and got seriously injured. He was bed-ridden for the rest of his short life before passing away in his sleep while having an afternoon nap. Ambipom was heartbroken at this stage and wanted to fulfil his dad's last dream so he set of on an exausting adventure to find some training.

How AwesomeAmbipom came to be

Our 3-handed Friend One day found an old man selling the new MUST HAVE Gadget the ipoke. Knowing that he did not have enough money for this gizmo so he stole it and signed on to twitter for the first time! He was quite unpopular at the time but a very popular pokemon named croconaw Followed him so he was obviously making an improvement in popularity!

Fortree and Evolution

While Aipom was in Fortree,He found a strange Piece of candy on the ground. Eager to Know what it tasted like, he put it in his mouth. Then suddenly a shining white light was glowing on our friends body. He was evolving!He had now achieved his full potential and now wanted to become more popular on twitter!

My friends on twitter

Omg_pichu,Croconaw,Kingcharmelion,Awesomeampharos,Galactic_Grunt,ShinyAlakazam and bushfire to name a few!


Teleport-Learned by constant training in psychic training Brickbreak-TM used Double hit-learned by evolving Judgement-Arceus Taught me that one (Shhhhh its a secret!)