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a camerupt.
Species camerupt
Age 21
Level 48
Types fire ground
Gender male
Home Stark Mountain
Trainer Agatha
Carrying no item
Nature Unspecified


Yacko is a camerupt and has,kust like all other camerupts, two volcanoes on his back.Those of Yacko look the same as those of others,but Yacko's volcanoes have many scratches on them due to falling of Mount Stark a few times. He also has a scar on his ear. Yacko is,just like all other camerupts,covered with fur. His fur is a dark shade of red with dark blue rings on them.


As a Numel

Birth and first few years

Yacko is born at Stark Mountain were he lived with his grandparents,little sister,his parents,some other camerupts who weren't family of Yacko,a Typhlosion and a Torkoal. Yacko was a happy little Numel and played a lot with the other kids. One time they were annoying a Magmortar Yacko got pushed off a cliff by the Magmortar and that's how he got the scar on his ear.


When Yacko first saw Tambora,a female Camerupt he immediately fell in love. He allready was near evolving and decided to train extra hard so he'd evolve soon. What he didn't know was that Tambora allready had a crush on someone else,Santorini, a shiny Camerupt. Yacko was training and training but after a while he could see that Tambora was always with Santorini and he gave up.

Evolution into Camerupt and onwards