Saffron City Gym

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About: Saffron City Gym


Located in the heart of Saffron City, it is the sixth gym in the Indigo League of Kanto. It specializes in Psychic-type pokémon. Trainers who defeat the gym leader are awarded a Marsh Badge. Each room in the gym is run by an apprentice or the leader and incorporates a number of warp gates that teleport challengers to the next room. Since one can easily get lost hopping from room to room, trainers are encouraged to use their brains and recognize the warp patterns in order to advance through the gym.

Gym Leader - Sabrina


A powerful psychic in her own right, Sabrina not only trains her own pokémon team but also trains human apprentices both in the use of their own mental abilities as well as in the care, knowledge and understanding of Psychic-type pokémon.