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Ree Belacarus
"Missing a few marbles."
Age 22
Gender Female
Home Lavender Town
Pokemon captured Absol, Haunter, Gyarados, Blaziken, Dodrio, Kabutops, Gallade, Scizor, Eevee, Quilava, Aron, Jirachi, Cacturne


Ree kept to herself growing up with Ghost-type pokemon in Lavender Town. Into her teens, she began frequenting underground parties in Saffron every weekend, where she was eventually invited to be a member of Team Rocket. Knowing from past experience battling Rocket members every now and then that climbing the organization's ranks would be a tasty piece of cake, she accepted.

She told her parents she had joined a pokemon research team and was going to travel with them, then packed up and moved into a training facility in Saffron. Training classed her as an A rank agent, and after several assignments and a few major operations, her skills got her promoted to the position of elite officer, where she is now. Just two years into her career, she was granted one of the few Snag Machines in Team Rocket's possession by Giovanni himself, and she has since put it to good use snagging Pokemon for both herself and the organization.


At 5'6" and around 130 lbs, Ree's frame is lithe and since joining Team Rocket has gained in athleticism. Her eyes are an amber brown sometimes described as golden-yellow. She's a natural brunette, but has dyed her hair numerous colors over the years, the current colors being pink with an underlayer of turquoise, and the current style being wavy, slightly shorter than shoulder-length in the front, and short in the back.

As an elite officer her uniform is gray and blue. She sometimes makes modifications to her uniform such as a striped undershirt instead of the standard blue. Goggles are frequently part of her wardrobe since she enjoys flying and traveling at high speeds with pokemon. Due to her distinct hair, she possesses a number of wigs for undercover missions.


Ree has a generally cheerful disposition, which often masks her calculating mind. She's a fierce battler and can be surprisingly cold when on the job. Despite having more compassion than most Rockets, she's incredibly loyal to Giovanni and will push aside her conscience without hesitation to carry out orders. She can be spiteful and is well-experienced in revenge; not someone you want to make an enemy of. She strikes most as reserved, but is friendly and outgoing if she takes a liking to you. She still frequents the parties in Saffron whenever she can.


  • Aaron Belacarus - Elder brother who set off when she was still young to become a Pokemon trainer. He's now a master-level trainer. Ree looks up to him for his integrity and power. His pokemon on hand include Arcanine, Pidgeot, Raichu, Lapras, Gardevoir, and Metagross.
  • Giovanni Sakaki - As Ree made her way through the ranks of Team Rocket and particularly as an elite agent, she's been in close contact with Giovanni. Having seen him battle in his gym, his power, elegance, and drive absolutely inspired her. She became immensely loyal to him, obeying even his orders that called for cruelty she normally would disapprove of. Rumor has it she's also quite fond of his son, Silver.
  • Silver Sakaki - Though occasionally speaking to him, Ree was never particularly close with Silver until after he disappeared for a few months on a trip. When he returned they began talking more frequently. It wasn't long before they were not only friends but partners in crime, teaming up for the snagging operation they were both involved in. Pokemon and other Rockets alike thought for sure they would end up dating. But when Silver began a relationship with the gym leader Janine behind Ree's back, their friendship came to an abrupt end.
  • Measha Havvok - Ree's first friend in the ranks of Team Rocket, who has come to be her best. Measha is an agent who works undercover on a yacht in the Sevii Islands. They attend raves in Saffron together at every opportunity. Measha's pokemon include Espeon, Seaking, Wingull, Rapidash, Cacturne, and Luxray.
  • Sebastian Conelle - A Rocket scientist Ree quickly befriended when she joined Team Rocket. He's the only Rocket scientist she really trusts. They once spent a lot of time together as friends outside of business. Since he's more skilled at training pokemon than catching them, Ree has helped him catch many of his pokemon. His pokemon include Magenton, Dragonite, Nidoking, Alakazam, Gastly, and Wooper. Ree is also his official field tester, testing many of his inventions for him. Her latest machine received from him is what she calls the PokeBazooka, a bazooka-like firearm that fires Pokeballs at high speed to catch masses of Pokemon at a time.
  • Tyler Manik - An elite Team Magma agent. An intense rivalry began the day they met, early on in both of their careers. Both Team Rocket and Team Magma try to avoid getting these two anywhere near each other because things often get out of hand when their rivalry comes into play. Tyler's pokemon team consists of Houndoom, Charizard, Infernape, Solrock, Machoke, and Milotic.
  • Blue Oak - Ree had always been fond of the gym leader. When her brother would write to her from being out training, he would tell her about two phenomenal trainers and the rivalry between them: Red and Blue. She had always favored Blue because he seemed like the more serious trainer to her, and reminded her of her brother. After meeting they slowly became friends despite his job as a gym leader and hers as a Rocket. He even once saved her from a pack of flying Pikachu in Yellow Forest, and they made a trade after discovering they both had something the other wanted: he wanted a surfing Pikachu and she wanted a Porygon and Light Ball.


On Hand

  • Absol(Adrian)
    - Ree's first pokemon that she grew up with.

  • Haunter(Syde)
    - A bored Haunter from Pokemon Tower that had taken up residence in Ree's attic. She liked scaring people as much as the Haunter did, however, and so adopted it when she was 15.

  • Gyarados(Deimos)
    - Also at 15, Ree's father brought home a Magikarp for her that he had won at a fair. Despite its uselessness, she became quite taken with it, finding it cute. When her Magikarp later evolved into Gyarados, she nicknamed it Deimos, which means 'terror' in Greek; a self-explanatory nickname.

  • Blaziken(Kai)
    - Realizing her love of Pokemon, Ree's parents gave her a Torchic for her 16th birthday.

  • Dodrio(Cosmo)
    - A Doduo was Ree's first stolen Pokemon as a member of Team Rocket. She stole it from a trainer just because she thought it was cute, while off-duty. The Doduo was feisty for awhile, but after it evolved it came to be fond of Ree after realizing how fierce a battler she could be. She nicknamed it Cosmo, which means 'order' in Greek, for the sake of irony: the two, what became three, heads often fought between each other.

  • Scizor
    - A snagged Pokemon. Ree nicknamed it Dorian because it's quite prideful.

In PC Storage

  • Eevee
    - A shiny Eevee Ree won in a three-part tournament. She hasn't decided what she's going to evolve it into.

  • PorygonZ
    - Ree and Blue made a trade; she received a Porygon in exchange for one of her many surfing Pikachu. She quickly got hold of the necessary software to evolve it.

  • Pikachu
    - x4. Having gotten her hands on a map to Yellow Forest, Ree took a trip there to catch the renowned surfing and flying Pikachu. Though she caught four surfing Pikachu, she has not yet caught a flying one. One surfing Pikachu she's training for herself; she's nicknamed it Rave. The others she intends to use in trades.

  • Jirachi
    - During a freak spree of Jirachi sightings Ree caught a few for Team Rocket, keeping one for herself. They were young and easy to catch. She named it after Apollo, Greek god of the sun and light.

  • Cacturne
    - A Shadow Pokemon Giovanni recently gave to her. Being a Shadow Pokemon, it refuses to be nicknamed. Ree thinks Shadow Pokemon have many limitations and so would like to purify it, but she knows that's in conflict with Giovanni's plans.

  • Gallade(Kenshin)
    - A snagged Pokemon.

  • Kabutops(Kori)
    - After being revived and studied by Team Rocket's scientists, it was decided this Kabutops could be given to a high-ranking officer for use in the field. Because of its weakness to every Pokemon type, no one volunteered to take it... except Ree. The skeletal form and eerily-glowing, green eyes appealed to her, and so she received it. She trained it to be skilled in speed and evasion so it could more efficiently avoid the hits that would knock it out so easily, at the same time being able to deal attacks quicker. See below.

  • Eevee
    - A snagged Pokemon Ree intends to raise into an Umbreon.

  • Quilava(Vulcan)
    - A snagged Pokemon. Ree nicknamed it Vulcan after the Roman god of fire.

  • Aron(Aaron)
    - A snagged Pokemon. Ree nicknamed it Aaron because it reminds her of her older brother.


  • Zapdos
    - Rumors of the legendary bird of lightning circulated around the abandoned Power Plant north of Lavender Town. When Team Rocket sent a small group of grunts to investigate they confirmed the bird had nested there. Giovanni then launched an entire team of grunts, headed by Ree, to capture it. They succeeded, though not by Team Rocket's methods. Ree captured the legendary bird the old-fashioned way: with a pokeball. Training it became her assignment, and although she was able to battle with it a few times and even fly with it once, it was never completely obedient. Deciding it was too wild to train she wanted to release it, but Giovanni was determined. He had it contained for other methods of training, but before these could begin it escaped.

The Skeleton Kabutops

Team Rocket's scientists had been striving to imitate the technology of reviving Pokemon from fossils for some time, but they weren't content with just reviving normal prehistoric Pokemon. They wanted the revived fossils to be more powerful than they had ever been, more powerful than modern day Pokemon. They almost succeeded. They successfully revived a fossilized Kabutops, where no facility had succeeded before. The scientists on Cinnabar could only revive Pokemon from their first evolutionary stage; Team Rocket had revived a full-fledged Kabutops. But between reviving the final evolutionary stage and reviving it to be super powerful, something had gone wrong. Not only was it still a skeleton, it was weak against every Pokemon type. At the same time, however, Team Rocket had succeeded in making it abnormally powerful: while any single, strong move could knock it out, a single one of its attacks could knock out most Pokemon.

The skeletal Kabutops