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Karo Harashai
Don't mess with me.
Age 18
Gender Male
Home Mauville City
Pokemon captured Umbreon, Vaporeon, Furret, Elekid, Charmeleon, Rhydon, Stunky, Scizor

Hello. I am a trainer from Hoenn who may seem incompetent and cocky, but you'll be surprised to figure out I can accept a loss.


Life Before Being a Trainer

I was born and raised in Mauville City, Hoenn. When I was 5, my father was legally registered as an expert breeder. Whenever he got the chance, he would take me to the Day Care down the road to see all the Pokemon. One day, a trainer had left his Flareon at the Day Care. The Flareon and I became best friends. We ran around the Day Care together every day after school let out. I was heartbroken when the trainer took his Flareon back 2 weeks later. However, my dad and I discovered an egg in the Flareon's pen the next morning. My dad said, "This egg is not ours. It belongs to the Flareon." We tried to locate the Flareon's trainer for about a year, but to no avail. Finally, my dad decided to keep the egg. My mother had said, "When the egg hatches, we shall care for it like a human baby." However, the egg never hatched.

When I turned 7, my mom left to visit a friend in Sinnoh. She was mysteriously murdered on Sandgem City's coast. I hold on to the last thing she gave me to this day: a strange amulet with a quartz in the middle.

After the funeral, my dad and I were surprised to find egg shards on the couch and an Eevee running around. The egg had hatched! My dad gave it an Everstone necklace so that it wouldn't evolve. When I turned 10, my dad entrusted me with a PokeDex and the Eevee. I was finally what I always dreamed to be: a trainer.

Magma Madness

Early on in my trainer career, I encountered the villainous Team Magma. They were trying to take control of the Weather Facility after Team Aqua had already attempted to do so. I felt it was my duty to stop them. So, I went in and fought them with Eevee and a recently-captured Sentret. During the battle, Eevee had gotten knocked down and the Everstone necklace fell off. When a grunt tried to beat me up, Eevee started to glow and transform. He evolved into an Umbreon and took down all the grunts with a giant Dark Pulse. The group swore revenge on me and Umbreon. However, as one ran away, he dropped a PokeBall. I decided to take it and see what was inside. The grunt had dropped a Charmander. Charmander from then on became one of my primary team members.

After obtaining my fifth badge, I encountered the same grunt who's violence caused Eevee to evolve. He challenged me, and I easily took him down.

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